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Modern high end kitchen: what does it look like? When and how is it chosen?

Modern high end kitchen

A modern high end kitchen catches the eye by its elegance and the focus on the functionality of its various elements.

What stands out above all is the use of innovative, high quality materials as well as the attention to detail and design. In this article, we will give you all the information you need to make the right choice for your needs, drawing on our direct experience in interior design.

What makes a modern high end kitchen so unique?

A modern high end kitchen is undoubtedly the ultimate expression of elegance and functionality. What most distinguishes such a kitchen is the combination of innovative, superior quality materials and meticulous attention to each element and its design.

Specifically, the materials used in a modern, high-end kitchen are all strong, durable and elegant-looking. They range from stainless steel, used in kitchens that are more oriented towards contemporary style, to natural stones such as marble and granite, timeless and extremely versatile materials, and fine woods, which are the perfect candidates if you want to give a warm touch to the room.

The design of a high-end kitchen is studied down to the smallest detail to ensure an excellent user experience. Elements such as integrated lighting, state-of-the-art appliances and intelligent storage spaces can make a difference and make the kitchen more functional and pleasant to use.

Customisation  is another aspect that plays an important role in a high-end kitchen. If you are thinking of installing this type of kitchen in your home, you should forget about predefined solutions and standard models. Every detail, from the organisation of space to the choice of materials, can be customised to meet the specific needs of the project and to suit the customer’s taste.

What are the best layouts for a modern high end kitchen?

Modern high end kitchen

What makes the difference in a modern high end kitchen is not only the materials used, but also the layout you decide on. By arranging the various kitchen elements in the best possible way, you can maximise the available space and create an environment that is both functional and aesthetically appealing.

In large kitchens that are furnished in a modern style, it is common to use a layout with an island or peninsula. A central island  provides an additional area for food preparation or serving, while a peninsula can serve as a snack nook while still maintaining a visual connection to the rest of the space. Both options create a cohesive environment and help to efficiently distribute the different workstations.

If a smaller kitchen is to be furnished, a linear solution is often the best solution. Arranging the wall units, kitchenette, sink and appliances in a line creates a compact, well-ordered and fully functional layout. When carefully designed, this layout allows you to optimise the use of available space and have all the essentials within easy reach and in a single row.

Modern interior design also makes it possible to create high-end rooms with a more refined and minimalist look. For example, consider installing a wall-hung kitchen or a kitchen without wall cabinets. While a wall-hung kitchen creates a visually light effect, giving the room a modern and sophisticated look, a kitchen without wall cabinets can be a good solution for creating a clean, minimalist look that brings out the high-quality materials used.

What needs to be assessed when deciding to install a modern high end kitchen?

Modern high end kitchen

To be able to bring out the features of a modern high end kitchen, it is essential to carefully study the available space and assess the brightness of the room. A good distribution of elements and correct lighting can transform even a small space into a functional and welcoming kitchen.

Analysing the needs of those living in the home is equally important. Every family has different habits and needs, so it is essential to design the kitchen to best meet the demands of those who will use it on a daily basis.

Identifying the style and design that best suits the living environment is another aspect to bear in mind. In particular, modern high end kitchens can have an essential and minimalist look or a bolder and more original design. Choosing a style that reflects the client’s personality and blends harmoniously with the rest of the house is crucial to achieving a truly satisfying result.

The quality of the end result also depends on the materials selected for the different modules that make up the kitchen, as well as the materials chosen for the worktops and wall coverings.

Perhaps most important of all is knowing how to create an interior design project that balances functionality, aesthetics and comfort. In fact, a modern high end kitchen should offer not only an environment that is pleasing to the eye, but also a practical and efficient space for meal preparation and daily activities.

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