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We are well balanced between opposite natures: the creative and the technical, the artisan and the industrial, the local and the global.

We are a human-scaled company with highly engineered processes.

This allows the customers to have a personal relationship with us, thus being sure to always achieve their goals, to observe the tightest deadlines and cope with last-minute issues. The project leader is the only interlocutor and guarantor of any project, both towards the client and the other professionals and craftsmen involved.

Each step follows a precise path and is thoroughly documented. From plans to prototyping, where samples and variants are shown, in order to make the best choices: materials, colors, finishes and wood polishing, stucco effects.

Another important moment is the pre-assembling: each and every furnishing ordered is completely assembled in the IL PICCOLO’s laboratories exactly as it will be in the customer’s room, in order to check its effectiveness, visual impact and structural seal. If everything is OK, it is then dismantled, packed, shipped and finally reassembled in the place of destination.

In the carrying on of each bespoke project, the artistic and technological soul of IL PICCOLO blend together. The idea is embodied in a rigorous production process, in a timely logistics, in production plants which are state-of-the-art both technically and for what the regulations are concerned.

The heating and air conditioning systems are environmentally sustainable and energy saving. The choice of materials is also based on international safety regulations, especially with regard to public places.

In the residential projects, instead, automation controls the security alarm systems, as well as the lighting, locking and home theater systems.

Our personnel are available from the beginning to the end of the carrying out, overseeing the work even from the other side of the world, in the most flexible manners according to the project requirements.

The materials and the pieces of the furnishings might be accompanied in their shipment to destination by the assembly staff, its head editor, the chief architect or simply the only mounting kits or the instruction book for the use of the local team.