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How to make your kitchen design with center island unique, from materials to the arrangement of elements

kitchen design with center island

Modern luxury kitchens, people are looking for original and customised solutions, such as an island

In recent years, the conception of the kitchen has changed. It is no longer the space where only one cooks, but where one lives together, sharing time. Particularly in flats with large open spaces, people increasingly like to have a loft that unites the living room and kitchen without any real fixed divisions such as walls.

 People often look for original solutions both in the conformation and in the combination of materials, colours and details, in the extreme simplicity of shapes and lines of contemporary style. Kitchen design with center island are a much sought-after typology that allows for a long series of expedients to customise them aesthetically, functionally and technologically.

Kitchen design with center island are suitable for both large and small sizes, here’s how to make the most of them

The island configuration is a mode that is becoming increasingly popular, suitable both for not very large sizes, where it allows the optimisation of space, and for larger ones, where it gives great freedom of choice. With various expedients, from the position to the function, light, materials and colours, a modern, luxury kitchen can be constructed that emphasises the island, making it the central point of a luxurious and refined whole.

 Central or side island in modern luxury kitchens?

When it comes to designing kitchen design with center island, one can either set up a space where the island is central to the main body of the kitchen or sideways. In the latter case, if dealing with an open space, it can act as a dynamic divider between spaces or be set against the wall. An island that is set against the wall is unlikely to become the focal point of the room, at least from an aesthetic point of view, and is often destined to be a support point.

On the other hand, when one has to deal with a central or side island that does not rest against a wall, it can be used as a hob or as a snack top or table. With the help of specially shaped stools and specially designed lighting, an extremely refined and luxurious counter table can be created. One solution is to place a modern and possibly special shaped chandelier above it.

kitchen design with center island

When the hob is on the island

If, on the other hand, one decides to place the hob on the island, which is useful for promoting ergonomics by reproducing the magic triangle between the sink, refrigerator and plates, one can think in such a way that the cooker faces the living room. In this case, kitchen design with center island are a solution that meets conviviality while creating a fluid space.

Technology in kitchen design with center island

Luxury in a modern kitchen goes hand in hand with an essential, minimalist style that marries simple lines, without frills but with attention to detail. It uses advanced technology, often energy class AAA, that is environmentally friendly and makes life easier for the cook. Providing technology plates above the hob is indispensable, especially in an open space.

kitchen design with center island

How to highlight the island with materials and colours in kitchen design with center island

It was said that in modern luxury kitchens with an island it is necessary to make the island itself the focal and central point, highlighting it in every way. This can be done not only with light, but also with materials, playing with the combination of a couple of them, and also focusing on luxury finishes.

In the modern world, specific materials such as Fenix, laminate, metal and steel, which is increasingly being used not only in chefs’ kitchens but also in domestic kitchens, are popular. Also by means of colours, which often in a contemporary kitchen are two, the island can be highlighted, duly playing with contrasts between colours, between matt and glossy. In short, the possibilities for kitchen design with center island are endless; the important thing is to focus on good taste and luxury!

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