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Wooden TV cabinet: how to choose the right model for your room?

Wooden TV cabinet

A wooden TV cabinet is much more than a simple base on which to place the television, games consoles and DVD players. In fact, this furniture should be chosen carefully and with care, because it becomes an integral part of the room’s decor, whether the television is placed in the living room or in the bedroom.

When choosing TV stand furniture for the living area, the utmost care must be taken, because finding a solution that provides balance and harmony with the rest of the furniture ensures a result that is both elegant and coherent.

What are all the functions of a wooden TV cabinet to consider?

A TV stand  is an essential part of the furniture of any living room, lounge, bedroom or office. The cabinet can be used to accommodate various devices that are related to home entertainment. As is logical, the frame must be large and strong enough to hold and support the weight of the TV set. However, there is also often a need for space to accommodate the DVD player, speakers or game consoles.

In many cases, those who choose a wooden TV cabinet  to furnish their home are driven by the desire to have an end result that is elegant and warm. Natural wood gives the furniture a look that creates a cosy and very refined atmosphere.

Wooden tv cabinet is also ideal for those who love a modern style and design solutions. Thanks to the variety of models available, it is quite easy to find the furniture that fits perfectly into your interior design project, giving it a personal and refined touch.

Wooden TV cabinet

Guide to choosing the right wooden TV cabinet

When it comes to choosing a wooden TV cabinet, the main decisions to be made concern the design of this furniture and the type of wood to be used in its construction.

The design of the furniture depends on a number of factors: from the type of room in which it is to be placed to the furnishing style you want to follow, passing through the size of the space to be furnished and the specific needs that the furniture must be able to satisfy. It is not a trivial project, in short.

With regard to the essence, the degree of resistance of the various types of wood and their appearance must be taken into consideration. In this decision, the style chosen for the rest of the furniture in the home also has an influence. If the furniture is to be placed in a traditional living room, a TV cabinet made of walnut or cherry wood will be an excellent solution. If a TV cabinet is to be placed in a bedroom with a natural or minimalist décor, on the other hand, you can opt for a TV cabinet in light wood, for example made of beech or oak. Those who like warm and intense colours can also choose a teak furniture. This type of wood gives the room a very elegant look and has an excellent degree of durability.

The appearance of the furniture is equally decisive. Whether you choose furniture with a high-gloss finish or those who prefer a matt finish, it is important to check that the wood has undergone a scratch-resistant treatment. This treatment prevents the design of the furniture from being compromised by normal wear and tear, which is caused by everyday use. The scratch-resistant finish therefore increases the service life of the furniture.

Wooden TV cabinet

How can the wooden TV cabinet be combined with different home furnishing styles?

In rooms furnished in a traditional style, the most common solution is to choose a TV cabinet made of solid wood and resting on the floor. Typically, such a structure has a compartment in which to run cables and drawers or doors in which to store various devices, caskets or game console controllers.

In rooms furnished in a contemporary style, a wooden TV cabinet usually has a more original structure. In small spaces, it is common to use suspended TV furniture. Such a solution increases the brightness of the space and creates a beautiful visual effect. Unlike furniture that is placed on the floor, wall-hung furniture has small dimensions and can have open compartments or compartments that can be opened with hinged or sliding doors.

Suspended furniture is also ideal for those who have chosen minimalist furniture. Thanks to the fact that they have an essential structure and straight, clean lines, they fit perfectly into a Nordic-style décor. The resulting effect is very beautiful indeed.

Another solution to consider is wooden tv cabinet that serves as a wall unit. In this case, the furniture not only serves to support the TV, but becomes the main element of the living room or lounge furniture. If you opt for such a solution, it is essential to ensure that the wooden tv cabinet is correctly matched to the sofa, the colour of the floor and the colour of the walls in the room.

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