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A wooden sofa is a guarantee of quality and durability

wooden sofa

The importance of the sofa in a living room

The sofa is considered by many, and rightly so, as the main piece of furniture in the living room, around which the rest of the room should revolve and be built. Even more so than other pieces of furniture, it must adapt to the needs of the specific family, not only in terms of style, material and colour, but also in terms of size and comfort, because this is the only way it will be an oasis of relaxation where we can spend quality time together. At the same time, it must be pleasing to the eye. If you want something long-lasting, resistant to wear and tear, and perfect for creating a warm atmosphere, a good choice is a wooden sofa.

What is the structure of a sofa?

The frame is what holds the sofa, so it is important to focus on its quality, which is just as important as the design and aesthetic details.

It is usually made up of the frame, which is in turn formed by the base and back, which, depending on the model, are either separate and assembled or in a single block, the springing, which is the mechanism capable of conferring the basic elasticity of the seat that contributes so much to the comfort of the sofa, the padding and the feet.

Aiming at an overall robust and durable structure is therefore undoubtedly one of the criteria on which to base one’s purchase.

wooden sofa

The characteristics of and alternatives to a wooden sofa

A wooden sofawill in fact last for many years and fit well into any type of flat. Usually, the alternative is to have a tubular metal frame, but this is more suitable for sofas with small dimensions, shapes and contours.

Wood, on the other hand, is also perfect for furniture of a certain size, such as XL furniture that can accommodate a good number of people. Another possibility, a kind of wood variant, is chipboard, which, however, is at risk of breaking, because it is a low-density material made up of small wood particles held together by adhesives: solid wood, from that point of view, is a guarantee. In combination with it, other elements such as straps and springs are also proven to last much longer.

Rustic and shabby styles love a wooden sofa

wooden sofa

Moreover, not only does choosing a frame made of precious wood lead to a sofa that is (almost) forever: it also means opting for a piece of furniture that appeals in every interior design, with a few small adaptations related to cushions and upholstery. The wooden material par excellence speaks of domestic warmth, one of the prerogatives of a living room, where one wants to relax, perhaps with a crackling fireplace and a good book.

A wooden sofa that can be seen and is left unfinished is great for a rustic ambience, such as a country or mountain hut; the lighter version is ideal for a shabby living room.

How the wooden sofa adapts to different styles

wooden sofa

You can transform the structure itself into a design element, highlighting it thanks to colour, workmanship and shape, perhaps playing with the contrast of colour with cushions and upholstery, which can be in a long range of materials (from fabrics such as cotton or linen to more refined and elegant choices such as a damask, velvet or leather), or made in such a way that it is not visible.

The lines will be more imposing in a classic style and instead essential and almost invisible in a modern one. The feet can also be made of wood, more or less visible and elaborate.

Wood also appeals for a Japanese futon 

A choice that is becoming more and more popular and is being included, thanks also to its comfort, in many living rooms and even bedrooms, is the Japanese futon, characterised by being only a dozen centimetres high, with an essential and minimalist base (the tatami) and having a cotton mattress. Japanese culture favours  wooden sofa (or alternatively metal).

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