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Wooden living room furniture: a guide to choice

Wooden living room furniture: a guide to choice

Wooden living room furniture is one of the pieces of furniture that has changed the most over time. Wood is the only fixed point: the charm of the grains, knots and shades of the different types of wood continues to conquer the hearts of interior design enthusiasts. Over the years, living room furniture has become more essential and has been transformed into modular elements that are perfect for creating personalised, made-to-measure furniture.

How to choose the perfect wooden living room furniture

Today, when people talk about wooden living room furniture, they usually refer to modular furniture that is installed along a portion of the wall of the living area of the house. Until a couple of decades ago, the main piece of furniture that had the task of furnishing the living room was very different, more imposing and more austere.

Modern interior design trends favour modular solutions which are easy to customise, suitable for furnishing very different spaces and adaptable to different furnishing styles.

The use of wood species has also changed over time. While traditional wooden living room furniture was made of hardwearing, precious woods such as cherry and walnut, modern living room furniture prefers lighter woods such as oak and ash.

To find the perfect living room furniture for your room, you need to take into account both the type of space to be furnished and your personal taste. Both the physical characteristics of the room, starting with the size and layout of the house, and the intended use of the room must be carefully considered.

The living room can be interpreted as an extension of the kitchen and therefore a space in which conviviality is the main feature, or as a space for relaxing and spending one’s free time in peace. In the first case the living room furniture should be chosen in such a way as to ensure a good balance with the table and chairs in the room, while in the case of a living room oriented towards entertainment the furniture should provide space for the TV, for any game consoles or for decoders and DVD players.

Wooden living room furniture: a guide to choice

The most common living room furniture configurations

Traditionally, wooden living room furniture is placed against the wall and covers most of the space. More recent solutions include a modular configuration, with floor-standing elements, wall-mounted elements or suspended storage units.

Modular wooden living room furniture is versatile and flexible. Depending on the characteristics of the space to be furnished, you can add modules and compose your ideal piece of furniture. Choosing a modular solution allows a very high degree of customisation, because you can not only define the number of modules but also decide on the colours and coverings of each one.

Wooden living room furniture: a guide to choice

A few tips on how best to plan the layout of your wooden living room furniture

In addition to the composition of the living room furniture, in order to give personality to the furniture of the house you can also customise the arrangement of the different components, choosing to give them a symmetrical order or to arrange them in an asymmetrical way. If the first solution gives an idea of rigour and precision, the second is preferable when you want to give dynamism to the space.

If you choose to furnish your home in a contemporary style, you can add other furniture components made of different materials or with special finishes to the wooden modules: you can insert, for example, glass modules or wood and metal structures. It is also possible to decide to compose a piece of furniture in the natural colours of wood and insert one or more components painted in a different shade.

Modern interior design solutions for wooden living room furniture are perfect for homes furnished in a minimalist or Nordic style, but can also be adapted well to rooms furnished in a rustic chic or maximalist style.

In order to achieve a good result, it is important to consider the living room as part of a larger furnishing project. The space could be furnished with a wooden living room cabinet in combination with an open bookcase that marks the boundary between the living room and the sitting room, or with a piece of furniture that recalls the colours and style of the kitchen furniture.

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