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Ambience, insulation, design, warmth: some of the many reasons to choose a wooden headboard

wooden headboard

A headboard is functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing

An element to increase the comfort of your bed, allowing you to easily add functions, becoming not only a safe haven for sleeping, but also a comfortable support for reading or watching TV while seated, with an eye on design, where it adds a decorative and original touch. There are various reasons to choose beds with headboards; if you decide for a wooden headboard, you add the characteristics of the material to those of the accessory itself.

The advantages of a wooden headboard: a support for the back, a protection for the wall

There are indeed several advantages of a bed, whether double or single, with a headboard. These are related to comfort, because it provides support for those who like to sit, or at least somewhat elevated, on the bed while enjoying a book or a television series. It provides much more stable and fixed back support than pillows, and, if one opts for upholstered models, is much softer than a simple wall.

It is not compulsory that the headboard bed be placed against the wall, but if it is, it will also be an additional protection against stains and abrasions caused by contact with the furniture. A wooden headboard gives a completely different touch to a bed, transforming it into an even more complete and versatile element, as it can be used for reading or watching television without necessarily needing a sofa or armchair.

Wood in combination with other materials is a possibility for the headboard bed

A wooden headboard bed can, thanks to the qualities of the material, provide an additional touch of home warmth. Although it is of course also possible to provide it in wood on furniture made of a different material, such as metal or fabric, in this case creating an original mix of different materials, a wooden headboard is usually part of a bed and thus of a furnishing that already includes it as the dominant material. If you do not like the rustic effect of leaving it natural, it can be modernised using various techniques, creating complements in any colour, even glossy if desired, depending on your preferences and the interior design of the room.

wooden headboard

The merits of the wooden headboard

Not only its ability to bring an invaluable feeling of home warmth, which contributes to creating an intimate and warm atmosphere, but also in bedrooms it can contribute to creating an intimate and warm atmosphere, think for example of attics: there are many reasons to say yes to a wooden headboard.

First and foremost, it is an ecological and environmentally friendly material, very important details in the context of sustainable design that is careful not to damage nature, both when making the furniture and when disposing of it. What could be more ecological than wood, which is renewable and biodegradable and can also be painted and treated with paints and devices free of harmful substances? In addition, it is long-lasting and has inherent acoustic and thermal insulation qualities, which are important for creating an undisturbed environment in one’s bedroom.

From classic to modern, how to adapt wooden headboards to your interior design

wooden headboard

As far as style is concerned, the wooden headboard bed fits every type of interior design, precisely because of the versatility of both the complement itself and the material. In a classic style, it will have regular shapes, perhaps rounded, and will be imposing, with the addition, if desired, of inlays and decorations.

In a modern style, on the other hand, minimalist and clean lines will prevail and it will often be lacquered and made shiny, but without too many additional decorative details. Bear in mind that the headboard can become the focal point of the room, although it is not compulsory, and should therefore be designed with great care.

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