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For every room and every interior design, with wooden furniture you always win

wooden furniture

You can never go wrong with wood!

If you don’t know which material to start with when furnishing your home and you want something universal, that blends well with every style, that lasts, that brings homely warmth and at the same time is able to be elegant, you can go for it: wooden furniture is always a winning choice.

Wooden furniture appeals in the classic and the modern, in chalets and lofts

They are suitable for every context, from a mountain house furnished like a chalet, in perfect country style, to a city flat that follows the classic style, to an ultra-modern loft. Certainly, the ways of understanding the shapes of furniture and their workmanship and colouring will change, but wood is truly evergreen, widespread in every type of interior design. It dominates in country and also in trends that have spread to our latitudes in recent years, such as Scandinavian, shabby and oriental.

Wood, a material for all rooms

Wooden furniture can be considered for all rooms in the house. It is perfect for a bedroom, with a bed, wardrobe or walk-in wardrobe, bedside tables, if you want a desk, perhaps even inserted in an attic: it will make the room cosy, a perfect refuge for sleeping. The entire kitchen can be made of wood, starting from the furniture such as cupboards and wall cabinets to the hob, passing through a central element such as the table with its chairs, or the top of the island.

The living room can also be furnished entirely in wood, starting with the dining table, if desired, up to the bookcases and even the sofa structure (which, however, needs to be padded to increase comfort). It also fits well in rooms such as the entrance hall, which should be furnished in a functional manner for storing jackets and shoes, and even the corridor, which is often left free but which could instead become a place to recover space with a wardrobe.

And it is also perfect for outdoors. In short, there is no furniture that cannot be made of wood! It is no coincidence that there are many designer carpentries that use it to make fine furniture, even made to measure.

wooden furniture

From domestic warmth to versatility, why choose wooden furniture

But what, exactly, are the merits of wood that make it one of the principle materials in the world of furniture, in all eras and styles? Let’s start with its appearance, which can easily bring a strong feeling of domestic warmth, as no other element can. It is highly versatile, both because of the large number of processes it can undergo and because there are so many types of wood, from softer ones like poplar or fir to harder ones like cherry or walnut, used in furniture.

There are wooden furniture pieces that use the solid wood, made from the heartwood, which is the innermost part of the trunk, and others made from the solid wood, which instead uses the whole tree and will have even more striking and unique contrasts. For your wooden furniture, you may want raw wood, enhancing the grain, or prefer a solution with a lacquer finish, even glossy for more modern contexts. Many interior designers prefer to have the wood coloured white, such as shabby.

Wood is environmentally friendly and durable, but needs to be maintained

wooden furniture

Wood is also very popular in more modern styles because it is extremely environmentally friendly, and nowadays there is often a strong sensitivity towards respecting nature. It is in fact perfectly biodegradable and renewable, as well as being a natural material.

Moreover, a piece of furniture made of wood lasts over time, especially if it is carefully maintained when needed. And if needed, it can be restored, even gaining a new life and a new, strong and original personality. When choosing wooden furniture, however, consider that it must be maintained with care, taking care not to damage it. It can be sensitive to moisture.

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