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Wooden bathroom furniture, a trend that is increasingly popular

Wooden bathroom furniture

A change of mentality for bathroom furniture

Previously, the bathroomwas seen as essential and functional, to be kept clean and, if necessary, adorned to impress possible guests, but in recent years the mentality has changed: bathing and showering have become true moments of relaxation in which to take care of oneself and the room is often transformed into an oasis of relaxation, aesthetically pleasing and with attention to every detail, even technological ones, think of intelligent taps and fittings or multifunctional showers. Therefore, this room must also be thought of down to the smallest detail. One of the most popular choices in recent times, for every style, is wooden bathroom furniture.

Wooden bathroom furniture, a popular option

One might think that wood is not ideal for a room like the bathroom. One would associate it, instead, with other types of materials, such as ceramic or porcelain, which are easy to clean, marble or granite for rooms where one wants to give a certain importance, glass to create a refined effect, less so with wood, also fearing humidity. But, with the right precautions, it is not an impediment. In recent years, wood has been one of the most popular options in bathrooms with various styles.

The merits of wooden bathroom furniture, from homely warmth to elegance

Wooden bathroom furniture

But why is wooden bathroom furniture so popular and increasingly in demand? With the appropriate care, already listed, they can last a long time. As we have seen, it is a versatile material and brings, whichever way you finish it, a feeling of homely warmth and makes the room appear a warm embrace, even in very modern and essential styles. It can create a relaxing ambience, indispensable for those who want to pamper themselves with a long shower, perhaps an emotional one, or a scented bath. Wooden bathroom furniture also gives a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Colours and other materials, wood is extremely versatile

Solid or solid wood can be used, fir, teak and oak being particularly suitable. Those who like a rustic, warm effect leave the natural colour, those who prefer it have it painted, lacquered with coloured products and, if desired, polished. The natural colour goes well with other materials such as ceramic, metal, steel, marble and with shades such as white. Wooden bathroom furniture is also sustainable, especially if it is environmentally friendly, natural and recyclable, and therefore perfect for trends that pay attention to the health of the planet.

How to protect wooden bathroom furniture from humidity

It is evident, as mentioned, that the wood used for bathroom furniture must have certain precautions. The first, even before they are installed, is a protective treatment with waterproofing finishes. Effective are varnishing or lacquering, which can give a glossy and special effect and which, especially with certain types of products (e.g. water-based varnishes) are able to create a protective film and prevent the formation of mould, and impregnation, which is useful with less water-resistant woods. The application of sealants, on the other hand, prevents the material from swelling when wet.

Wooden bathroom furniture

Some recommended precautions when choosing wooden bathroom furniture

Once the wooden bathroom furniture is in place, it must be carefully maintained, cleaned and dried. Specific oils or waxes can be applied. Care must be taken to ventilate the room (a tip that applies to any type of bathroom), modern ventilation systems certainly help. It is important, in case of deterioration, to replace the finishes, but the quality products of the big bathroom companies are of such quality that it is not as much of a problem as it might have been years ago. Virtually all furniture, from cabinets to shelves, from benches to cupboards, from flooring to wall coverings, can be made of wood, best avoided in shower cubicles.

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