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Wood veneer on wall, a decoration for every style and every room

Wood veneer on wall

Wood veneer on wall and boiserie are not synonymous

Wood veneer on wall is a type of wall decoration that could also be called woodwork. In fact, it is usually made of wood, while the woodwork in the broadest sense can be made of several materials. Indeed, they can be made of wood but also stucco, plaster or polyurethane.

Another difference is that woodwork can also be applied to cabinets or other furniture, while wood veneer on the wall is mainly done on the wall. It is a set of delicate wood panels, which fit perfectly with all styles of furniture, from the most classic to the most modern, giving different looks depending on what you are looking for. They can bring a sense of domestic warmth (and wood is the material par excellence in this regard), or give an otherwise anonymous wall a modern and dynamic look. Wood is an environmentally friendly, sustainable, recyclable, lightweight and durable material that is perfect for any design. It also provides effective protection for the wall where it is applied.

Partial or total, perfect for classic and modern

The veneer on wall that is made of wood can be on the whole wall or occupy only a part of it. The choice depends on the size of the room where the wall is located and also the number of walls to be covered. The risk is always to exaggerate, creating an effect that narrows the room. If you can’t or don’t want to cover the whole wall (or all the walls), you can opt for a solution that occupies only a part of it: the lower part or an intermediate part, inserting a wood veneer on wall at half height. The first solution, that of a wooden wall covering occupying the entire wall, is better suited to classic environments, while the partial solution, is well suited to more modern apartments.

When choosing the wood veneer on wall, as always when it comes to furniture, it is essential to keep in mind how the other furniture in the room is made. Indeed, continuity is necessary. The type of wood should also be chosen according to the style and character of the apartment. The most classic and also the most elegant are oak, mahogany, fir or walnut. Poplar, cherry or teak are lighter and more manageable.

And the colors? White or gray, but not necessarily

Whether it’s a classic wall veneer or a more modern one, wood colors can be chosen. They can either blend in with the rest of the ambiance or create a striking contrast. You can keep the original color of the wood or opt for treatments to color it. Dark, white or gray panels are very popular and bring an original touch to the house. There is nothing to prevent the use of other colors as well, in which case the effect will be very special and unique, perhaps with the use of a glossy varnish or even with decorations.

The wood can be a single panel the size of the entire wall or several panels placed side by side, or even different sizes to create refined and original environments.

If the effect you want to achieve is classic, one should choose a wood veneer on wall decorated and refined, perhaps with elements such as engravings or inlays. In modern environments, on the other hand, very simple panelling is more appropriate, even unicolored, without any type of decoration or with decorations that repeat the essential and simple lines that characterize the furnishings in a design.

Wood veneer on wall can be used for…

This type of wall covering is suitable for any room in the house, starting with the living room and bedrooms, to which it brings warmth. It is also well suited to kitchens, while for the bathroom, wood paneling is rarely used, but rather other materials.

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