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Wine Cellar with 2 temperatures: a real and proper piece of furniture that completes the interior decoration

Wine Cellar with 2 temperatures

The 2-temperature wine rack is an essential piece of furniture for wine lovers. Tempered wine racks are in fact a real and proper technological and design jewel, which will make the joy of those who love whites, reds and sparkling wines and want to keep the most precious bottles in the best possible conditions.

Besides being functional, the most modern solutions for keeping a correct temperature of wine also allow to furnish the room in a sophisticated way.

What is the purpose of a dual temperature wine cellar?

A dual temperature wine cellar works similarly to a refrigerator. As opposed to a refrigerator, however, the temperature inside is differentiated among the different levels, in order to allow the preservation of different types of wines.

Usually, tempered wine racks cover a temperature range from a minimum of 4 degrees to a maximum of about 20 degrees. In the cooler shelves, sparkling wines and champagnes will be kept, followed by white wines, rose wines and finally red wines, which are the wines that need higher temperatures. Thanks to the use of a wine rack with two temperatures, in every moment it is possible to choose any wine and be sure it is at the right serving temperature.

As a matter of fact, dual temperature wine racks have the capacity of reproducing at home the ideal conditions for the preservation of the nectar of Bacchus. Inside them is created an environment with constant temperature and controlled humidity, with little light and low vibrations. Moreover, modern wine cellars have a display that allows the control and regulation of both temperature and humidity, usually ranging from 75 to 80%. The glass door with anti-UV finish reduces the amount of light hitting bottles, whereas the use of wooden shelves allows neutralizing any vibrations that can damage wine. The wood also reduces the risk of strong odors wafting inside the dual temperature wine cellar

How to choose the best dual-temperature wine cellar (and adequate to one’s decor)?

In order not to make mistakes when placing a dual temperature wine rack, it is necessary to evaluate many aspects. First of all, it is important to identify the ideal place where the wine rack should be placed. Usually, it is chosen the kitchen, however it is not rare to find wine racks in the living room, in the rustic or in another room of the house entirely dedicated to hobbies and relax.

When considering where to place the wine cellar, it is necessary to make sure that there is not too much light and that the possible noise of the appliance does not bother those present.

Once the ideal location has been found, it is necessary to consider the size of the double temperature wine cellar. As this kind of wine cellar is not used for aging, but only for keeping wines at the serving temperature, its size must be chosen keeping in mind the quantity of bottles that are consumed on average. Usually, for a family use, the most suitable models are the ones having a capacity ranging from 12 to 48 bottles. Another fundamental choice is between built-in or free-standing two-temperature wine cellar models. Built-in wine cellars are perfect in kitchen designs and allow you to better integrate this appliance within the furniture. For wine cellars intended for other rooms of the house, however, it is preferable to opt for a free-standing model, making sure that the design is consistent with that of the furniture in the room.

How to decorate with designer wine cellars

In most cases, double temperature wine racks have a classic and elegant design. Among the most used materials for their realization there are wood, left in its natural color or painted with original colors, or metal.

A wooden wine cellar is an excellent solution for furnishing classic environments and for giving warmth to the environment. A metal model with a simple design, on the other hand, fits perfectly into a contemporary and young environment.

The external aspect is obviously important in free standing wine racks. The interior of the wine rack can make the difference in built-in models as well. Removable drawers where bottles are placed, strictly horizontal, are made of wood. The most used wood is beech, which has ideal characteristics to protect wine from vibrations. Shelves can have a raw and natural aspect or a more refined one. In case a custom two temperatures wine cellar is needed, it is possible to ask for the wood to be worked with particular colors or finishes.

The perfect tempered wine cellar is however the one that offers enough space for all the bottles one wants to keep and that has a size and style in harmony with the size of the room and with the choices of furniture that have been made. In short: wine racks with two temperatures are an indispensable accessory for the ones who love the nectar of Bacchus, as well as being a furnishing accessory that can give further value to an already refined furnishing.

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