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Bright, delicate and elegant, you can never go wrong with white and wood kitchen modern

white and wood kitchen modern

The modern kitchen, a room where balance must reign

The kitchen is one of the most difficult rooms to furnish, because like in no other room, the right balance must be sought between functionality, with the inclusion of modern technology and good organisation, and aesthetics, between the need to work and the need to experience the space.

In addition, the market offers many materials and infinite solutions in terms of both furnishings, with combinations and compositions, and technology. For those who want something delicate, serene, elegant and at the same time simple, a winning choice that suits every style is white and wood kitchen modern.

White and wood kitchen modern enhance the characteristics of white and wood

White has always been one of the most widely used colours in furniture, characteristic of practically every era, and it is no coincidence that even styles that are becoming increasingly popular, such as shabby chic or Nordic, make it their main feature.

Wood, on the other hand, is itself a timeless evergreen, used in any style and historical period, thanks to its intrinsic characteristics and the fact that it respects the environment. The combination makes the kitchen refined and delicate.

Combination of materials or just colours, all the possibilities of wood and white kitchens

white and wood kitchen modern

What does it mean to create white and wood kitchen modern, a solution that suits both small and large spaces, closed and open-plan kitchens? The possibilities are many: they range from an all-wood kitchen where you play with colours to one that combines wood with other materials. Moreover, both wood and white have an infinite range of nuances.

Some ideas for white and wood kitchen modern

You can choose to provide the entire kitchen, from the furniture to the worktops, in wood, leaving some parts in the natural colour and providing others coloured, or lacquered, in white. If you like different materials, you can combine the wood with laminates, steel, Fenix, which is a material specifically designed for kitchens, in white, while the wooden part is left in its natural colour. There are many possible combinations for white and wood kitchen modern.

A simple and delicate option is to combine white furniture with parquet flooring, adding, as a reminder, some natural wood-coloured inserts, perhaps the top or some details. If one opts for the classic table, which although linked to the classic concept of the desk is still widely used in the modern world, it can be wood-coloured, so as to become the focal point of the room.

If, on the other hand, one prefers to eat on the island counter, this can be in wood, as can the stools where one sits. If you want to extend the use of wood colour, you can achieve a balance between the two colours, using white for cabinets and furniture and wood for the top, for the wall separating the top and wall units, the wall units themselves (or vice versa).

white and wood kitchen modern

Raw, light, dark, matt, glossy, how many combinations for white and wood kitchen modern

White and the colour of wood create delicate contrasts, creating a bright ensemble that brings serenity, harmony and geometry. Natural wood can be untreated, thus highlighting the ribbing that makes each piece unique.

You can opt for lighter wood, which brings lightness to the entire room, which will be discreet and bright, or for darker wood, which will instead give a refined and elegant effect, with great personality. The advice is always to be careful with very dark tones, which if not well balanced can weigh the room down.

On the other hand, wood enlivens white by removing the feeling of coldness that could result from a total white. White also has numerous nuances, from cream to snow: everyone can find the combination they like best for their white and wood kitchen modern, even playing with glossy and matt effects, for truly unique rooms.

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