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What furniture for a designer living room

What furniture for a designer living room

The living room is the room around which a large part of domestic life revolves. It is the space where you meet at the end of the day and relax watching TV, but it is also the place where you welcome guests for lunch or a party. Careful consideration of the furnishings in a design room is essential to make the most of the space available and to create a unique environment that reflects your style.

The perfect style for an impressive design room

Considering the size of the room is the starting point of any interior design project. This is even more true for the furnishing of a living room, since the available space must be exploited to create different areas, each with a precise identity.

A large or open-plan living room can be used in many different ways. A small living room, on the other hand, has constraints that must be taken into account when making furniture and accessory choices.

Once the measurements have been taken and the physical constraints of the room understood, the next step is to define the desired furnishing style. This choice will determine the design, characteristics and colours of the furniture, accessories, textiles and all the decorations in the room.

For a design room, the range of contemporary styles including industrial, modern and Nordic is a good option. Vintage style can also provide excellent inspiration for creating a stylish and trendy interior.

Regardless of the style chosen, the furniture should allow the best possible use of the room. For this reason, the available space should be divided according to the different uses of the room, with a clear distinction between the most convivial area and that intended for relaxation.

What furniture for a designer living room

Design lounge furniture: each area has its own style

To furnish the area of the living room dedicated to relaxation, you can start by choosing the carpet. Placing a large carpet in this area allows you both to decorate the room elegantly and to visually delimit this area of the lounge from the rest of the room.

The living room carpet should be large enough to cover the area occupied by the sofa and armchairs. A low designer table can also be placed on the carpet, made of wood or a mix of metal and glass, depending on the style chosen for the decor of the room.

The furnishing project can also include coffee tables to be placed to the side of the sofa. This solution has a twofold advantage: it gives the person sitting on the sofa a practical surface to put a glass, a book or the remote control, for example, and serves as a base for additional lamps that increase the amount of light in the room and make the atmosphere warmer and more intimate.

In the dining area of the lounge, on the other hand, it is a good idea to provide a large table and chairs. In this case too, the materials, colours and style will depend on the client’s choices. Rooms furnished in a modern style may have plastic chairs made from recycled materials, while a Scandinavian style room will have chairs in light wood with essential lines.

The walls are another element of the room that must be furnished with the same care reserved for the choice of furniture and furnishing accessories. The colour of the walls should be chosen ensuring that it is coherent with the elements present in the room and that it enhances the characteristics of the environment. For a room with little light, for example, it is good to choose light colours. The monotony of white walls or neutral tones can be broken up with pictures or photos to hang on the walls. Paintings and photos can also become a focal point of the room to which to direct the eyes of those present.

Equally important to give character to the living room is the choice of textiles with which to decorate the room. The curtains on the windows and cushions and blankets used on sofas and armchairs help to define the personality of the room and make the interior design unique. If a contemporary style has been chosen for the living room furniture, for the room’s textiles you can opt either for natural fabrics in neutral colors or for fabrics with brighter colors and geometric patterns.

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