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Wardrobe with side bookcase

Wardrobe with side bookcase

The Wardrobe with side bookcase is a modern and versatile solution, perfect for furnishing the bedroom in an original and functional way, but also other spaces in the home.

Thanks to the presence of a bookcase on one side of the cabinet, the wardrobe is transformed into a furnishing element that also performs a decorative function. This is very useful in various circumstances and, at the same time, helps to give the room personality.

What advantages does a wardrobe with side bookcase offer?

First of all, the bookcase integrated into the cabinet structure makes the wardrobe multifunctional. From a piece of furniture designed exclusively for storing clothing and accessories, the wardrobe thus becomes a piece of furniture also designed to hold books, souvenirs, photos and other small items.

The presence of the side bookcase also enhances the cabinet’s appearance and can help fill space that would otherwise remain empty. For example, this solution is perfect when the wardrobe would leave a small portion of the wall uncovered: the bookcase integrated into the structure allows all the available space to be utilised in a useful manner. And it is also useful to visually complete the wall.

The improvement in the aesthetics of the wardrobe is especially appreciable if the cabinet is viewed from several angles. This is the case, for example, of a wardrobe with a bridge structure. Or of a corner wardrobe.

Choosing a wardrobe that integrates a bookcase in one or both sides can also prove to be an excellent furnishing solution when the wardrobe is not set against the wall, but is used to divide a single room. Rather than leaving the side of the cabinet uncovered, the presence of the bookcase makes the cabinet look elegant from wherever you look at it.

What does a Wardrobe with side bookcase look like?

Usually, cabinets with side shelves have hinged doors. On the other hand, wardrobes with sliding doors that contain a bookcase are rarer, but it is still possible to find them on the market or order them made to measure.

The bookcase can be on one side of the wardrobe or on both sides. In some models, there is also a bookcase between the different doors. In made-to-measure projects, one can indulge oneself, creating symmetrical compositions or varying the dimensions of the different modules.

In some modular wardrobes, both when the bookcase is linear and when it is a corner bookcase, it is also possible to add extra modules. If necessary, it is then possible to enrich the cabinet with additional components.

Resorting to a wardrobe with side bookcase is very useful in all situations where the furniture is spread over two sides of the room. This can be the bedroom, but also a wardrobe located in another part of the house, such as a hallway or a basement. In similar projects, the bookcase acts as a visual glue and makes the two walls appear in continuity, making the end result coherent and attractive.

Generally speaking, a wardrobe that integrates a side bookcase has the merit of making the side of the cabinet functional. This is appreciable both in small rooms, where any extra storage space is welcome, as well as in rooms with considerable square footage, since this particular piece of furniture allows for customisation with objects that are deemed important.

When should you choose a Wardrobe with side bookcase for your room?

The reasons why you may choose to furnish with wardrobes with side shelves are linked to both functional aspects and stylistic decisions.

A wardrobe structured in this way is very useful when moving around in small spaces. Or it is just as appropriate when you prefer to have a single cabinet instead of installing a separate wardrobe and bookcase. The bookcase can also be used to keep in order objects that would otherwise be scattered around the room or for which it would be difficult to find a precise location.

On a stylistic level, it is appropriate to choose such a Wardrobe  when a more modern and “softer” looking piece of furniture is desired. That is to say, a piece of furniture that does not end in a clear-cut manner but continues, offering shelves on which to store books or other objects.

In some cases, the bookcase is also organised with spaces designed to store clothing, such as jackets, scarves or scarves to be worn at the last minute before leaving home. Or clothes that you get rid of immediately after you return home. 

The bookcase integrated in the wardrobe can have fixed height shelves, all spaced evenly, or higher and lower shelves. In other contexts, the bookcase has shelves with adjustable heights. Either way, the shelves can accommodate books, frames, small vases, souvenirs, pen holders, pictures, etc.

Cabinets with side shelves are a solution that should always be taken into due consideration by those who are planning to furnish a home in a contemporary style. And also by those who wish to make the most of all the available space in a specific room.

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