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Wardrobe with built-in TV: a guide to choosing the ideal model according to your decor

Wardrobe with built-in TV

The wardrobe with built-in TV is a furnishing solution that balances design with functionality.

A piece of furniture of this type stands out for its originality, but is also to be appreciated on a practical level, because it allows rational use of the available space, transforming a simple wardrobe into the centre of entertainment in the bedroom. The modular and customisable proposals of furniture manufacturers make it easy to find the perfect wardrobe, which can also be made to measure.

What are the advantages of fitting a wardrobe with built-in tv in the bedroom?

The most immediate advantage of using a wardrobe with a built-in TV is the intelligent use of available space. In the bedroom, it is not always easy to find a space large enough to install a TV, especially in smaller rooms. Integrating the TV into the furniture structure is a brilliant idea that solves this problem with a minimum of space.

The TV is installed in the cabinet frame in a suspended position from the floor, for perfect visibility from every corner of the room. The cables are inserted into a special passage in the door and are invisible, thus leaving the aesthetics of the cabinet untouched.

In most cases, wardrobes with integrated TVs are wardrobes with sliding doors. The door housing the TV can be covered by the others when the wardrobe is opened, or it can remain in front of the other doors, allowing the TV to continue to be viewed even while rummaging around inside the wardrobe.

There are also wardrobes with integrated TVs with hinged doors. In this case, the TV set is placed in a side module of the cabinet without doors. In this part of the cabinet, compartments can be inserted that can hold clothing, accessories or various objects. Or the side module of the cabinet can be left empty and interpreted as a decorative element.

Those who do not like the TV to remain visible at all times can request a wardrobe with a concealed door. The additional door, made of wood or glass, comes into play when you want to hide the TV and makes the furniture even more dynamic and intriguing.

Why complete your bedroom furniture with a wardrobe with built-in tv ?

Wardrobes with a built-in TV are an excellent solution to complete the furnishing of contemporary, tech-style homes. The clean lines and high functionality of the furniture are consistent with the needs expressed by those who love Nordic and contemporary furnishing styles. On the other hand, the introduction of a technological element within the cabinet structure follows the principles of tech furniture.

Such a solution is ideal for optimising space in small rooms, but can also be an excellent idea for children’s bedrooms or guest rooms. In all these spaces, there is always a need to make the most of the available space, with functional solutions that increase the comfort of the people who will use the room.

In order to make the most of the potential of this important piece of furniture, it is necessary to find the right arrangement. As already mentioned, the wardrobe with integrated TV should be arranged in such a way that the screen is clearly visible when you are in bed. If the layout of the room does not allow you to position the wardrobe opposite the bed, you could consider placing a sofa or armchairs in front of the wardrobe, from which you can enjoy the viewing.

Wardrobe with built-in TV

How to customise the design of a wardrobe with built-in tv ?

Whenever possible, it is always preferable to select modular and sectional furniture for your home. These solutions allow you to customise the design and structure of the individual cabinet in order to find the ideal configuration for your needs. In the case of a wardrobe with integrated TV, you can customise the dimensions of the wardrobe, the number and arrangement of the doors and, of course, the external design of the element.

For example, in rooms furnished in a contemporary style, white and neutral colours are the most popular. Both options guarantee an excellent result, even if there is a TV integrated in the cabinet. Alternatively, you can consider pastel shades, if you want a delicately coloured cabinet, or a dark cabinet with a glossy finish, if you are looking for a furnishing solution that enhances the elegant and sophisticated lines of the cabinet.

In addition to deciding on the colour of the wardrobe with integrated TV, it is also possible to have the door that will house the TV made to measure. For example, shelves can be placed in the door to accommodate knick-knacks or small personal items. Alternatively, space can be provided for the insertion of decoders, receivers and speakers or to accommodate remote controls for the device and other electronic devices.

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