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Organised, personalised, luxurious: who is the walk-in wardrobe in bedroom for?

walk-in wardrobe in bedroom

The walk-in wardrobe is the furniture for those who love and value their wardrobe

There are those who wear the first garment they find in the morning and those who instead place great importance on their look and consider their vast wardrobe as a treasure to be enhanced, kept in order and, if possible, not only used but also shown off. For the second category of people, a choice capable of meeting their needs is certainly the walk-in wardrobe in bedroom, able like no other piece of furniture to ensure that each piece of clothing has its place and can become a design element, even in modern contexts.

What is a walk-in wardrobe in bedroom, between organisation and design

It is a question of allocating an entire room or part of a room to the organisation of one’s clothes, even taking some precautions, such as transparent or completely absent doors, which allow them to be seen and not kept hidden and stowed away as happens in wardrobes.

It is possible to envisage a solution that is very much to the liking of those who have the necessary square footage to add it, a sort of changing room inside the cabin itself. If organised and designed with care, made to measure, it is not only extremely functional but also luxurious and designer. In terms of shape, it can be linear, angular or horseshoe-shaped and does not necessarily have to rest completely on walls but can act as a piece of dividing furniture.

walk-in wardrobe in bedroom

A space for every type of clothing, how best to organise walk-in wardrobes

Even more than a wardrobe, a walk-in wardrobe in bedroom requires a very precise choice of what is to be stored there, where and how. Even if it potentially takes up more space than the other piece of furniture, in fact, it is characterised by an extreme degree of customisation, allowing you to create an ad hoc area for your wardrobe.

The main advice, when you choose to furnish your bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe, is to think beforehand about organising the space, dividing it between the various types of clothes and accessories, carefully distributing hangers, bars, drawers, shelves, also adopting space-saving solutions such as retractable or pull-out elements, taking advantage of the vertical space. Of course, accessibility must be taken into account: every element must be effortlessly accessible, especially those most frequently used.

The dressing room and make-up corner in the walk-in wardrobe in bedroom, fascinating ideas

If one has the possibility, one can incorporate in one’s walk-in wardrobe a space dedicated to the act of dressing, a sort of small dressing room, in which mirrors, perhaps full-length, and, for those who wish, a seat will be essential. Those who also like to do their make-up can even add a make-up corner to the walk-in wardrobe in bedroom. It goes without saying that another fundamental element, both for choosing clothes and for dressing, becomes the lighting: the external lighting must be able to illuminate it properly, even better is to insert lights, from spotlights or LEDs inside the walk-in closet.

The materials and styles of walk-in wardrobe in bedroom, from classic to modern

walk-in wardrobe in bedroom

There are walk-in wardrobes in all kinds of materials and styles, making it a piece of furniture that suits any bedroom interior design. The most classic solutions are those made of wood, which accentuate a feeling of home warmth, durable and long-lasting, left unfinished, for a more classic look, or decorated and inlaid, or even lacquered, for a modern effect.

Metals are also often used in contemporary furnishing. Plasterboard is the material of choice for those who want a lightweight solution that can be inserted into an already finished room and can be modified as required. Fabric inserts such as velvet to cover interior parts or seats give a unique softness and elegance.

Walk-in wardrobe or with glass doors, how to make the wardrobe a design element

A walk-in wardrobe in bedroom can be a functional element or become the focal point of the room. If you want to highlight it, you can opt for an open solution, therefore without doors, or with doors made of transparent materials such as glass, even with effects such as smoked. Then, you will see the clothes, themselves an object of design. Obviously, there must be perfect order!

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