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Wall hangers: how to make the right choice in each case?

Wall hangers

Optimising the use of space is as essential in domestic spaces, especially smaller ones, as it is in commercial environments.

At the entrance to any type of location, installing wall hangers are  a smart solution that solves both the problem of clutter and the organisation of the room.

What are all the advantages of providing one or more wall hangers?

Wall hangers not only have the advantage of freeing up floor space, but also offer a practical and attractive option for keeping clothes and accessories in order. They are also a very versatile solution that can be declined in many different ways and adapt to various furnishing styles.

Among the advantages of wall-mounted hangers is their ability to fit into different rooms in the home. If their typical location is in the entrance hall, where they hold, for example, coats and bags, they can also be used successfully in the bedrooms of the house or in the bathrooms.

In the bedroom, these furnishing elements are the right solution to facilitate the selection of daily clothing, especially when you have chosen to structure the home space by providing a walk-in wardrobe  to be located in a different area of the house. On the other hand, in the bathroom, wall-mounted hangers allow the whole family’s bathrobes and towels to be kept tidy.

The versatility of these specific wall-mounted furnishings can also be appreciated by considering the various types of models available. Indeed, they range from the most minimal options, consisting of single-hook hangers, to shelves with coat hooks, and sliding models, which are perfect for those looking for a space-saving solution.

Wall hangers

When considering the idea of inserting a wall hangersinto the space, one focuses first and foremost on functionality, but one must not overlook the element’s ability to become a design object in its own right.

It is therefore no coincidence that, in modern interior design, wall hangers are seen as important decorative elements, which contribute to giving rooms a unique and highly personalised look. Indeed, the wide range of materials, styles and designs available on the market makes it easy to integrate these wall-mounted objects into existing furniture, thus transforming them into focal points or discreet accents that blend harmoniously with the overall aesthetics of the room.

How to choose the right wall hangers for your room?

Choosing the right wall hangers requires an in-depth analysis of various aspects in order to verify that the design of the model is functional in relation to the space to be furnished and that it fits the needs and aesthetics of the room.

First of all, to be able to find the right wall-mounted coat rack, it is necessary to assess the space you have available. Carefully measuring the area where the coat rack will be placed will help determine the ideal size and shape to avoid clutter and ensure proper distribution of clothes. Assessing the size of the area to be furnished is also crucial to check that the coat rack will not get in the way of other furniture and that there is sufficient room to move around within the space.

The choice of materials is equally important. Wood, metal and plastic are common options and, in order to make the right choice, the pros and cons of each alternative must be taken into account. Wood, for example, offers warmth and a natural look, and is suitable for classic and eco-friendly environments, while metal has a more modern look and fits very well in spaces furnished in an industrial, minimal or contemporary style. Plastic, on the other hand, is lightweight and easy to clean. The latter is not only ideal for damp environments, such as bathrooms, but is also suitable for design solutions and more original furnishing projects.

Wall hangers

Apart from the specific characteristics of each material, when choosing a wall hangers, one of the essential aspects to consider is the resistance of the model. This is especially true if the object will have to support heavy clothes or accessories.

What are the most common categories of wall hangers?

Wall hangers are functional, but they are also decorative elements that can transform the appearance of the space in which they are placed. In particular, those looking for a coat rack with a strong decorative power can consider designer models.

In the range of designer wall hangers, they range from the most minimal to the most eccentric solutions. While the designs with clean lines and geometric shapes are perfect for those who want a sober and efficient result, the more extravagant hangers, which reproduce, for example, stylised trees or animal shapes, can be used to add a touch of personality and colour to the space.

To amplify the decorative capacity of coat hooks, elements such as mirrors or coloured panels can be added, which create interesting visual effects and reflect light, thus contributing to brightening up the individual room or commercial space.

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