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Upscale kitchens: what do they look like? How to design a high-end kitchen?

Upscale kitchens

Upscale kitchens are not only elegant and functional, but they are also able to adapt to the individual needs of those who use them in their daily lives. Even though the concept of refinement is subjective, it is essentially based on the ability of the kitchen to respond faithfully to the goals and wishes of the user.

In addition to using high-quality materials and being distinguished by sophisticated design, upscale kitchens are noted for their versatility in meeting various needs.

What distinguishes upscale kitchens?

What really makes the difference is the intelligent design of the space. This includes the choice of quality surfaces that last a long time and emphasise the elegance of the kitchen. A functional lighting system, which integrates direct and indirect light sources, helps to create a cosy atmosphere and make the room pleasant to live in. In addition, the arrangement of the furniture is crucial to make the kitchen not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical and convenient to use.

Upscale kitchens

The most refined kitchens are also characterised by the presence of fine details and great attention to practicality. Decorative elements, such as handles and accessories, are carefully selected to add a touch of sophistication without compromising the functionality of the kitchen. The skilful use of space, with innovative and optimised storage solutions, helps to maintain order and cleanliness, which are fundamental for a classy and pleasant kitchen.

How to design upscale kitchens along modern style lines?

To design upscale kitchens using the modern style, one can play with materials and innovative solutions, with the aim of achieving a room that is beautiful to look at but also, at the same time, fully functional. A winning option is to create a kitchen in coloured wood, enriched with metal elements, which lighten the room and give it a contemporary touch.

The addition of an island or peninsula is almost a must, provided there is enough space. These kitchen elements, as well as giving it a modern design, can become the focal point of the room and can be used in versatile ways. A simple peninsula can become a snack surface on which to stop for a snack or a quick meal, while an island with a hob and sink can become the command centre of the room.

For cladding, one can embrace original solutions such as resin, which is ideal in a modern context. Being smooth and easy to clean, it overcomes the limitations of traditional cladding with ceramic tiles or stone slabs. Work surfaces can be made of natural stone, if you still want to keep a timelessly elegant element in the space, or synthetic stone, a solution that combines aesthetic beauty, versatility and durability.

Those who wish to give an even stronger modern touch can dare with colour: this element can be the main protagonist of the room or can be used to add lively accents here and there. Those who wish to create a modern yet minimalist room can also consider designing a kitchen with retractable doors. Such a system offers discreet elegance while maintaining a clean and uncluttered appearance.

Upscale kitchens

How to design a high-end kitchen in a classic style?

The element that dominates every design of upscale kitchens with a classic style is definitely wood, the protagonist of the furniture and, increasingly, also of the worktops. Depending on personal preference, you can choose furniture with smooth finishes, which are ideal if you want to move towards a more modern style, or with mouldings, for a traditional and sophisticated touch.

The wooden top is a popular solution on both a practical and stylistic level. Being in harmony with the rest of the room, it provides a sense of continuity that is very refined. Alternatively, traditional materials such as granite or marble can be considered, which prove to be the perfect ones to give a touch of exclusivity to the room, especially in their darker versions.

To balance the warm and intense colours typical of classic kitchens, it is essential to invest in a good lighting system. Adding spotlights or pendant lights in the cooking area and a pendant lamp that illuminates the dining area helps to create a pleasant and cosy atmosphere.

After defining the ideal arrangement of the furniture, one can think about inserting additional furnishing elements. Recovered elements, such as old cupboards or display cabinets, are good examples that can be used in upscale kitchens that have been designed in the classic style.

Finally, in the course of the furnishing process, one must also deal with the choice of textiles. At this stage, opting for quality materials with a consistent design adds warmth and colour to the room, emphasising its refined and cosy style.

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