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Upgraded kitchens: how to renovate your kitchen by totally changing its look and functionality (complete guide)

Upgraded kitchens

Upgraded kitchens are the ideal choice for those who love interior design and want to continually make changes to the furnishings of their home, but do not want to undertake major investments or prolonged work.

Renovating the kitchen can help bring the room closer to what you have always wanted or refresh the look of the furniture. With small and large interventions, excellent results can be achieved, both aesthetically and practically.

What are the advantages of upgraded kitchens?

Replacing the entire kitchen furniture is not always the best choice. If the furniture is still in perfect condition, if the kitchen has retained its functionality and if you do not want to disrupt the environment, you can think about a general renovation of the room where food is prepared.

Those who have doubts about the effectiveness of this solution should think again. Upgraded kitchens can also look very different simply by changing the colour of the furniture or replacing certain elements of its structure, such as the worktop.

Changing the colours of the different components or changing the arrangement of the elements can also lighten the overall atmosphere of the room or modernise it, thus bringing it closer to the latest interior design trends .

Excellent results can also be achieved with renovations  that are minimally invasive. In some cases, only minor changes are needed to give the room a new look or to improve its functionality. 

What should be considered when considering kitchen renovation?

Upgraded kitchens

When choosing to change the furniture in the room where food is prepared, one must consider that more or less invasive work can be done, depending on the specific needs.

If you need to change the structure of the furniture, for example, you can consider adding an island in the centre of the space ( or inserting some additional elements if you have chosen a modular kitchen. In such cases, before deciding to proceed with the room renovation it is essential to check that there is enough space available and that the additional elements do not obstruct the passage of people who will be living in the room.

What else to say about upgraded kitchens? In large kitchens, you may also want to consider eliminating elements in order to obtain a room that is more in line with your daily needs. In this case, whoever follows the furnishing project will have to worry about finding a solution to occupy the space left free. Depending on the area of the room that has been freed up, one could insert furniture that performs a different function, such as a shelf to be used as a bookcase, or decorative elements, such as panels, paintings or wallpaper.

You can also change the face of your kitchen by acting on appliances. Switching from a kitchen with built-in appliances to one with exposed appliances can immediately change the perception of the room. Depending on the design of the cabinets and visible appliances, upgraded kitchens can later appear contemporary or retro.

Finally, kitchen renovation can go through tops and wall tiles. This type of intervention is great for modernising the overall appearance of the room. In this sense, one can switch from light to dark colours or vice versa, depending on the objectives identified. Such an intervention is also ideal to take advantage of the latest furnishing trends and to introduce innovative and durable materials into the location.

When is it worth choosing a renovated kitchen?

It is usually thought that it is only worthwhile to renovate the kitchen if you have a limited budget, i.e. one that does not allow for the expense of buying new furniture from scratch. In reality, there are many more reasons why customers may decide to opt for upgraded kitchens. We will elaborate on some of them below.

In the case of a newly created and perfectly functional kitchen, for example, you can keep the basic structure of the room and then intervene in a targeted manner to make it more suitable for your needs. One must in fact consider that the needs of a family change over time and it is therefore useful for the kitchen to follow this evolution.

Changing the colour or arrangement of the furniture is a smart way to achieve upgraded kitchens that are more consistent with their surroundings. Especially if the room overlooks other rooms in the house, the way the space that is considered the heart of the home is presented can influence the overall appearance of the house.

Another tip? Making changes to the layout of the room and changing the way the different components are organised can help to achieve better space or light management. Upgraded kitchens according to this philosophy can certainly appear tidier, more organised or brighter, simply by changing the way the different elements are arranged.

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