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Unox home oven: innovation and technology to create dishes like a starred chef

Unox home oven: innovation and technology to create dishes like a starred chef

The Unox home oven offers a new way to experience the domestic space where food is prepared. The Model 1 and Model 1S models allow you to recreate the experience of a starred kitchen in your home and create dishes worthy of the best chefs in the world, whenever you want.

The Unox home ovens, made based on the experience gained in over 30 years of history and with the contribution of many prestigious international chefs, are a real gem. They enrich both the kitchen, with the elegance of their design, and the table, thanks to the excellence of the preparations they allow to make.

A Unox oven is innovation and technology, to have a small starred kitchen in the home

The Unox oven for the home has a technological heart, which allows you to achieve excellent cooking results and excellent preparations, even without being a star chef. For example, the oven has many different cooking programs and sensors that allow you to select and adjust the types of cooking. The end result is always excellent.

Through an essential and intuitive interface, it is possible to access all the functions of the Unox oven. Of course, the main focus is on the cooking functions, but there is much more that makes Unox ovens special. Once the preferred cooking program is selected, sensors and fans come into play. The former regulate the times and temperatures, depending on the amount of food placed in the oven, while the latter ensure uniform cooking in a short time. This unique combination of innovative technologies makes it possible to automate a large part of the cooking process and achieve a chef’s result. And effortlessly! 

Thanks to a sophisticated integrated ventilation system, cooking fumes and odours are absorbed by the oven filters and do not escape into the environment. The Unox home oven models also feature an automatic cleaning system, which removes cooking residues and maintains perfect hygiene with every use.

A Unox oven for the home means being inspired by the best starred kitchens

The experience gained by Unox in over 30 years of presence in the kitchens of the best restaurants in the world has allowed the company to learn a lot about cooking techniques and food preparation. Everything the company has learned in these years is condensed into the technology that underlies the operation of Unox home ovens.

To complement the technologies of Unox home ovens there is also an online platform, which allows those who have purchased a Unox home oven to access lessons and master classes, on demand or live.

The “Cook like a chef” platform allows you to experiment with new cooking techniques, discover new cooking styles and new recipes, but it is also ideal to test yourself with real online courses, updated weekly. You can also book individual lessons and receive real-time support if you need to prepare a special dish.

Unox home ovens are excellent quality appliances with a sophisticated design

The style of the Unox home oven makes it the ideal choice to enrich kitchens furnished in a contemporary style. In fact, the elegance of the lines and the shine of the metal fit perfectly into kitchens with simple, linear furniture designs.

The timeless design of the oven also integrates very well in kitchens with a more traditional style. Inserting a Unox model in a classic wooden kitchen, for example, demonstrates a certain sensitivity in interior design choices and a deep knowledge of excellent kitchens. The contrast between the modernity of the visible oven and the classic style of the furniture in the room offers a visual contrast that can become the strong point of the interior design project.

Simplifying cooking, the Unox home oven is an excellent solution even in small kitchens with a wall layout. In larger spaces, the oven can be inserted in one of the columns of a corner kitchen or can be located near the island, in order to optimise movement between the worktop, cooker and oven.

In general, the Unox range of domestic ovens is aimed not only at cooking enthusiasts, but also at those who love design furniture solutions and those who want to have a connected, high-tech kitchen. Thanks to the Internet connection, the oven receives continuous updates, which adapt cooking programmes and systems and allow you to create new recipes.

The excellence of the Unox home oven is also demonstrated by the warranty offered by the company. The cover lasts for 7 years and guarantees up to 10,000 hours of cooking time. The Unox home oven models are therefore a truly indispensable option for those who love good food and want to indulge in the luxury of recreating a starred menu in the space of their own home.

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