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The ultimate guide to dining table trends (2020).

Stay at the ahead of the curve of the dining table design and trends.
we will show the hottest news of  the best design table in differente materials , shapes  and  dimension.

Dining table is an important furniture inside our home.
Around them the whole family eats together, enjoy the food, share thoughts and spend time with friends.

This  furniture distinguish  your space from one side in aesthetic way and from another side for your  comfort and durability accordingly with your interiors. there are man kind with different feautuires : dining table marble , dining table round , dining table glass , dining table modern and dinig table design

First we must choose the shape and the dimension that fit in our area or room.
you can have dining table round or squared table mostly adapt for squared room or specially where we haven’t so much space to walk around.  In this case  the round shape works quite well avoiding the corners .

Squared one are elegant but less used, opposite round or oval ones are the most loved because they always elegant and timeless. There are also some tables more artistic made by different units or with unusual shape li triangle or no shape. At as last but not least the rectangular shape is the most common table that fit in most of the cases.
Here Some standard dimensions just to understand the relation between size and number of people

Rectangular Table Size:
80 Cm W x 120 L for 4 individuals
80Cm  W x 150 cm L for 4-6 individuals
80cm W x 200cm L for 6-8 individuals

Round Table Size
80cm   Diameter for 4 individuals
120cm  Diameter to get 4-6 individuals
180cm    Diameter to get 6-8 individuals

Oval Table Size
80W x 140 L to 4-6 individuals
110x 180 L to 6-8 individuals
120W x 215 L to 8-10 individuals
125  cm W x 235 L to 10-12 individuals

Let talk about the materials and their use .
Today the modern dining table are made by the use of many materials ,some traditional like wood, steel and glass and some  more  innovative like ceramic and cement and brass for example .
In the last years the trend is also related  the way to sue these materials that in the past was more traditional and basic and  today the technology allow the manufacturer to experiment new solution.

We can find dining tables design made by  fossil wood that  bring a piece of nature and world inside your home. Some other tables projects made by artists that change the furniture in a real piece of art like the Riflessi in Laguna for Riva 1920 of the artist  Helidon Xhixha,  . The aesthetic furniture piece is the result of a fusion between ancient wood and stainless steel.

Design is always at the centre so we saw on the market some really innovative design table with a micro architecture in iron like the element of Desalto .

Other use in innovative way traditional material like glass or iron .
Have a look at the Glas Italia Collection where the use crystal in many ways like sanded , lacquered , mould , fold , printed and more .
One of my favourite is the Ferro of Porro, a single piece of iron, strong ,bold, iconic and minimal with its pure shape design by Piero Lissoni.

Some other company use the beauty of nature manufacturing dining table marble  thought the use of rare wonderful materials like Baxter with the table Lagos or pure shape for minimalist design that will last forever using white or black marble, like the one of Marsotto editions.

The re-edition of the big past masters is another part of the design dining table market and trend . We have many company like Molteni & C made last year the D.859.1 of Carlo Scarpa or the LC6 table of Cassina design by le Corbusier or Tulip table of Eero Sareenen, the most sold table in the world.

Some company have look also at the market and for big round table , specially looking to the oriental costumers, have introduced the lazy Susan, a rotating tray at the centre of the table to share the dishes characteristic of far east culture .

At last but not least,  we have Exto  brand with 4 gambe table, innovating the dining table and  changing it from a fix furniture in a real system with which you can play and change each legs and top as you want for infinite solution. Indeed, you can have a minimal simple table or an innovative sculpture with 4 different legs and a beautiful marble top. Just think what you like and they can use to personalize your table.

The complexity and sophistication must look like simplicity. The best innovation must be made by great details.
What do you think, did you find your table or you need help to discover it ?
Do not hesitate to write us .

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