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An element for two: the TV mirror and its versatility

 TV mirror

The TV mirror is one of the multifunctional solutions

In a furnishing perspective that increasingly combines multi-functionality, i.e. the search for furniture and accessories that can take on different roles depending on the needs and moments of an increasingly busy day, and aesthetics, there is a race towards futuristic and original solutions that make various rooms unique. Among them, a very special one for the living room or bedroom is the TV mirror.

What a TV mirror is: screen when it is on, mirror when it is off

Its principle is to be a television only when you need it, when you want to watch a film or documentary all together, otherwise it becomes a mirror. Wanting a TV that cannot be seen when it is not being used is part of the minimalist approach of removing elements that are not useful at that moment, of not leaving an unattractive, albeit modern and technologically advanced, screen unseen. Moreover, one often does not know how to integrate the TV into the room. In this way, it becomes a real mirror when it is switched off, a design choice therefore, a versatile and elegant complement.

How does the TV mirror work?

 TV mirror

The TV mirror works thanks to a semi-transparent mirror used ad hoc for its creation, capable of reflecting light and obtaining the mirror effect when the screen is off, and transmitting light from the screen hidden behind the mirror, showing images, when it is on. It is a system that seeks a delicate balance between the quality of the images seen in the mirror and those then transmitted by the screen.

Advances in technology, with improvements to all the parameters that determine the characteristics of the images, both when the TV is off and on, now make it possible to have a very good quality view in both cases.

A key role in allowing near-perfect sharpness, minimising reflections when the screen is on, is played by the quality of the glass, which must be high. There are mirrored TVs in standard sizes and others with customisable sizes, just like all types of TVs, and thus able to adapt to every need.

Reasons to choose a TV mirror for your living room and bedroom

It is a space-saving solution that allows you not to have to choose, if you do not have many free walls available, between the TV and a mirror and to be able to fit a large screen in small spaces. If the television is an element of relaxation, the mirror brings elegance and sophistication to any room, whether in a classic interior design or a modern one, but for which one does not always have the space. With a TV mirror, one does not have to choose, having both complements at the same time. At the same time, those who want a TV in their room often also need a mirror to use when getting ready in the morning.

 TV mirror

Mirror wall or carved frame, how to make the television become a designer mirror

It is particularly suitable for those who do not like intensive use of the television and do not leave it switched on throughout the day. From an aesthetic point of view, it allows the TV to be better integrated into the décor which often, especially in the living room, aims at great balance and a strong search for aesthetic excellence.

It can be integrated into a wall of mirrors, a very futuristic and extremely fascinating idea, or it can be placed in a wall unit or simply on the wall or on top of another piece of furniture because you have no other space. For those who wish, a TV mirror can become not only a multifaceted and functional element but a real design touch.

There are versions that have a finely decorated frame, typical of classic interior design, or others that do not even have a border. The choice, in classic environments, of a very elaborate frame, perhaps in gold, combines tradition and modernity in a masterly and original way, a combination that is very popular.

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