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Turnkey furniture: what it is and the advantages

Who relies on contract furniture

Renovating or furnishing a new house from scratch with the help of a professional who listens to the requirements, gets to work and delivers the finished project. What does the client have to do? Just explain what he has in mind, how he would like the flat or business to look as a whole, and then… enjoy the results! Contract furnishing allows turnkey furnishing, where the talent of the interior designer does everything.

The client commissions a professional, namely an architect or interior designer, to carry out the entire project, from planning to delivery. Obviously, they will start with the ideas of the person who wants to furnish the house or shop, who will explain what they want and periodically check the work, approving the various stages. People who have a clear expectation of what they want to achieve but do not have the material time to devote to the arrangement and completion of their flat, shop or jewellery shop are usually entrusted with turnkey furniture. Often the clients of this type of service are high-level professionals who are, of course, short on time and want particularly refined and exclusive results.

How a turnkey furniture professional works

When it comes to shops, the professional will be able to use the rules of visual merchandising to make the most of the merchandise. On the other hand, when dealing with a home, he will enhance its characteristics, whether it is a small room, perhaps even a studio apartment, with the space that must be used in the best possible way to combine functionality and aesthetics, or when dealing with very large spaces, where it is not easy to find the right furnishings to highlight each corner through lighting and furniture.

One of the advantages is therefore time: in addition to the fact that the person commissioning the furniture often does not have any, while the interior designer has a very precise contractual timeline, having a professional work allows easier and quicker contact with other professionals in the sector, who can provide furniture and services in less time.

If the basic idea is that of the client, certainly the inventiveness of the interior designer makes a difference. Often one has to deal with special rooms that are to become luxurious, and the professional is able to make the most of every nook and cranny, even those most difficult to furnish, while at the same time making them functional. Those who commission turnkey furniture will obtain a finished home or business based on their spatial, practical and aesthetic needs. Each space will be made unique: in most cases, the furniture and lighting are designed specifically for that particular flat or shop, which will thus acquire considerable value. Contact with other professionals allows the realisation of custom-designed and made-to-measure pieces, for a result that fits perfectly into the environment according to the final purpose.

Not only furnishing but also structural work

A turnkey furniture design does not only concern the choice of furniture and furnishings, but in a contract interior design the professional will also take care of any structural interventions, think for example of the heating. Here again, entrusting everything to a single person speeds up procedures and will result in a coherent end result, with flexible and inter-compatible systems, which would be difficult to have if it is the client, a layman in the sector, who does everything.

The work phases of a turnkey furniture project

The design of a turnkey furniture project has precise phases. It starts with the analysis, where the client lets the professional know what he has in mind and the latter considers the ideas to see if they are feasible. The design phase then translates this into a precise framework, with the interior designer using his imagination and contacts to find the tools to turn dreams into something concrete. Then comes the realisation phase, the most fascinating and challenging one, which will lead to the final result. Finally there will be the delivery.

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