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Turnkey funiture: all the steps of furnishing projects in the contract sector

Turnkey funiture

Choosing the Turnkey funiture formula is extremely useful in the contract sector. But what is it exactly?

According to this formula, the general contractor has the task of following the development of the project from start to finish, from the birth of the idea to the final fitting, right up to the handover of the turnkey shop to the client.

How does a turnkey contract furniture project work?

Contract furnishing projects allow shops to be fitted out in a short time and in a customised manner. Turnkey formulas are preferred by those who want to open a boutique, concept store or temporary shop.

According to this solution, in fact, the customer frees himself of all the tasks involved in furnishing and fitting out the shop and entrusts the realisation of the project to a General Contractor.

It is then up to the General Contractor to analyse the customer’s requirements and check the work that needs to be done to prepare the premises for the shop. From the preliminary analysis, it may emerge that masonry work needs to be done or systems need to be modified. Once the structural aspects of the shop have been settled, one can begin decorating the space, starting with the laying of floors and fixtures.

At a later stage, the walls and shop windows are arranged, and then the custom-made furniture is installed and, finally, the shop is finally set up, ready to open to the public. In summary, those just mentioned are the steps for Turnkey funiture.

Turnkey funiture

What are the main advantages of Turnkey funiture in the contract sector?

The advantages of choosing a turnkey furnishing formula are numerous. First of all, the client does not have to worry himself about contacting the companies to be entrusted with the work and does not have to follow the process personally.

In fact, relying on a professional with experience in the contract sector results in considerable time savings. In addition, it allows the client to interface with a single person, who is in full control of the process and can update him on the progress of the work and any snags that arise along the way.

In other words, opting for the turnkey formula means that the client can concentrate on the more strategic aspects of opening the shop, leaving other people to follow the operational phases of preparation and fitting out. Involving an expert partner also guarantees compliance with the requests made, as well as with the time and cost estimates.

Requesting Turnkey funiture can also result in cost savings, because the general contractor brings all his experience and knowledge to bear and can select the best partners for the project. From this point of view, it must be remembered that when talking about savings, one should not limit oneself to considering only the costs indicated in the estimate. Indeed, the cheapest-looking professional is not always the best for a project. One must also consider the risk of unforeseen events or problems. By choosing reliable partners, one reduces these risks and, consequently, the expenses one has to incur to reach the project’s conclusion.

Specifically, during the course of the Turnkey funiture project, the general contractor must ensure that the client’s specifications are adhered to. And then he must ensure that the end result is a shop that stands out from the competition and in which there is a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.

Creating customised shopfittings that are beautiful, functional and profitable

The secret of successful Turnkey funiture is the search for customised, made-to-measure solutions.

Through custom-made furniture, it is indeed possible to create cosy and aesthetically pleasing shops, but also and above all functional. Depending on the type of goods to be sold, you will have shelves, displays or tables in which to display products in an orderly manner. Careful planning first and then fitting out makes it possible to furnish with made-to-measure furniture that can optimise the space available. The concrete benefit is a particularly harmonious result.

When choosing made-to-measure furniture, it will be necessary to consider the dimensions of the shop and storage requirements, but also the proportions of the various rooms and the amount of light present in the overall environment. From the combination of all these variables, it will be possible to design unique custom-made furniture that reflects the values and personality of the shop and that will help assert the uniqueness of the project and make it stand out on the market.

Taking care of the arrangement of the furniture, the colours in the shop and the lighting system is very important. It is not only to welcome customers in a classy ambience, but also to promote sales itself. Careful planning of a shop’s furnishings in fact promotes an increase in consumer purchases and customer loyalty. Two fundamental objectives for anyone who decides to opt for Turnkey funiture.

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