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Treca mattresses

Treca mattresses

TRECA Paris ….offering the privilege of a rare moment

TRECA has created a lifestyle, the art of living and sleeping French style. A know-how inspired by the great Parisian palaces and designers from all over Europe. The essence of the best designers and craftsmen of haute couture and upholstery in respect of French tradition and know-how recognised throughout the world: the constant search for perfection!

For over 85 years, Treca Paris, the world’s leading brand, has been signing only top-of-the-range beds, striving to meet the needs of a refined international clientele in search of comfort and exclusive, personalised decoration offers in the world of the bedroom, the most intimate part of the furniture. An intimacy that manifests itself in very personal choices and that only a luxury house like Treca Paris can satisfy in the most complete way, always combining aesthetics with unparalleled comfort.

Treca Paris has succeeded in maintaining a balance between traditional gestures and modern materials, combining noble materials with the best of the savoir-faire of its craftsmen and the talent of its designers who, in a world that is always in a hurry, still take the time to take care of every detail and make each bed a small masterpiece.

The selection of natural fibres

Treca Paris selects its raw materials according to strict quality criteria, with the aim of providing an immediate sensation of comfort, adapting to the body’s morphology night after night.

Cotton, Wool, Phytobiolana, Silk, Linen, Cashmere, Camel wool, Mohair, Horsehair, Hemp, Alpaca are the noble fibres we have selected to make our mattresses unique.

The technological fibres Ingeo@, SeaCell@, Microfibre and Talalay@ complete the range of fillings. Sanitized antibacterial treatments make the materials used even safer.

The concept of the custom-made bed

The exclusivity of the unique piece is the appropriate Treca Paris answer for all those who prefer distinctive and personal choices and prefer to compose their ideal bed by choosing the various components one by one. All Treca Paris mattresses, mattress supports and quilts can also be customised in terms of size, for a truly “made-to-measure” service.

The mattress

The mattress, the main element of the bed, is chosen according to your needs and habits. Treca Paris’ expertise guarantees the best distribution of natural fibres on the mattress surface and the rigorous selection process ensures resilience and durability. To respond precisely to all needs, Treca Paris offers a complete range of mattresses with different types of comfort

A mattress created to adapt perfectly to your posture. Treca designs springs and comfort layers that will interact with your body to provide the best support for your spine. With more than 15 different spring shapes, heights, combinations of HLE steel alloy spring layers, Treca offers what no other brand can: true tailor-made sleeping comfort.

Healthy materials to keep you safe, cool and dry. By using Oeko-tex materials, not chemically treated and combined with the highest quality fibres we can guarantee an ano, ventilated, dry and comfortable mattress.

The combination of high quality springs and gentle fibres optimises the quality of your sleep.

 Sleep cycles are crucial for a good night’s sleep. Humidity, back pain, too much heat cause the body to move and interfere with this healthy cycle. Treca springs adapt to your morphology and sleeping position, while the padding materials ensure a dry and comfortable feel. The body is perfectly supported and free from any disturbances, allowing an uninterrupted sleep cycle.

The internal capitonné is exclusive to Treca.

Unlike any other brand, Treca has created an original internal capitonné. In use since 1947, it is at the heart of Treca’s comfort. This rigorously manual technique makes it possible to achieve any kind of creation, always guaranteeing maximum comfort. This is why Treca offers so many different mattresses, not overlapping materials but carefully selected “ingredients” just like a delicious French or Italian recipe.

A production that guarantees incomparable and long-lasting comfort.

Our beds are created as a set consisting of a mattress, a topper and a matching sommier. This is what we call a sleep system that offers Treca comfort at its best for a complete and definitive experience.

Treca innovation offers multiple uses for everyone’s expectations.

We use only the best raw materials. Treca was the first company to introduce luxury raw materials used in the fashion industry into its beds. Cashmere, Silk, fine Linen and Alpaca. The internal quilting technique that traps the fibres and prevents them from deforming is at the heart of this breakthrough.

It is the combination of this technique with the nature of the springs and Treca’s know-how that is at the heart of this magic. A Treca mattress provokes a sensation that is impossible to replicate due to the characteristic of all the stages involved in its conception. A Treca bed is an invitation to the joy and refinement of French-style luxury.

Made in Alsace

Our workshop/factory is located in the Alsace region of France. This region on the border with Germany is renowned for the quality of its workers. The French taste for beauty and refinement is combined with the high quality of German engineering. The environment consists of small but beautiful villages, majestic mountains and unspoilt nature. These elements reflect our production and philosophy

The “Paris Effect” Treca is an Alsatian company, but the combination of exceptional craftsmanship and the Parisian touch has resulted in a world-class designer bed company. Paris is world famous as the capital of Western luxury and taste. Our beds live up to the expectations one has to expect from a luxury Parisian Haute Couture Maison. And when it comes to beds, no other company in the world can boast a greater origin than Treca.

Skilled craftsmen Our craftsmen are the real treasure of the brand. With skills handed down from generation to generation (we have mothers, sons, grandchildren working in the factory). Dedicated to providing excellence in their work and armed with a well-kept secret, they know how to create the bed of your dreams, the feel, look and comfort you’ve always dreamed of.

A wide range of fixed or articulated sommiers, powered by motors made with the most advanced technology, safe and reliable, guaranteeing smooth and silent movements, favouring body positions and ensuring the perfect support for the mattress.

The mattress cover quilts, created to refine comfort and make it absolute, are the latest result of Treca Paris research, which offers them in different materials to match the choice of mattress in order not to denature the benefits.

 The collections

COUTURE, PLATINUM, PARIS ,PRESTIGE , IMPERIAL PRESTIGE , IMPERIAL and T By Treca collections are the expression of the art of “savoir-vivre and savoir-dormir” taken to its peak, an immediate turning point in the universe of luxury and extreme comfort. It is the fruit of Treca Paris’ desire to create a prestigious sleep…no more, no less. For these creations, Treca Paris has retraced the path of the most prestigious materials, studied them and understood their power to influence sleep. Only the noblest and most precious were rigorously selected and generously dispensed into the upholstery.

From these noble materials, the know-how of the house and the incredible talent of its authors, Treca Paris spreads an indispensable art: “l’Art de la Chambre” or “savoir-vivre savoir-dormir”. Every day, Treca Paris trusts its art in the conception and creation of its products, improving their comfort and aesthetics; this quest for perfection gives rise to our collections which are the products of excellence of our brand.

All bedding sets are produced in the Treca Paris workshops located in the historical site in Alsace, where the savoir-faire is maintained in the tradition of handmade work and unique pieces, thanks also to the many years of experience of our workers.

The COUTURE collection

COUTURE Treca Paris …. Every night is unique and deserves the best, we leave nothing to chance. A savoir-faire that has distinguished us for generations and that we pass on for the maximum satisfaction of our customers. Couture is an exclusive collection made with 100% natural padding, cotton canvas box springs and handmade capitonné on the inside. For maximum personalisation, we have selected the noblest materials: camel wool, cashmere, linen, silk and bamboo and let you choose which of these fibres to use on the summer and winter sides of your mattress. Upon request, your initials will be embroidered on the top of the mattress and quilt.

 PLATINUM and PARIS These collections offer a complete range of mattresses, quilts and duvets. They are distinguished by their multi-spring pocketed suspensions for maximum comfort, combined with padding made of precious and natural materials generously distributed over the mattress and quilt tops. The many virtues of these collections can be exploited to personalise the comfort of the bed by coordinating the sommier and quilt with the chosen mattress. The handcrafted workmanship and the internal quilting guarantee long-lasting comfort.

IMPERIAL PRESTIGE The magical encounter of a brilliant idea and the gestures of a centuries-old tradition… this is how the first “Pullman” and “Imperial” mattresses were born in 1935 and revolutionised the world of the sleep industry. These original products of the brand, still in production today, are joined by the ergonomic Corpus and the soft Symbiose. A wide range of matching toppers and sommiers complete the Imperial Prestige sleep system.

IMPERIAL This is by far the first Treca Paris collection. It offers a wide range of mattresses from the iconic ones to the less expensive ones for guest rooms or even the lower ones for children or minimalist design beds. All handmade with the same care as Treca products.

T By TRECA A collection of more commercial products which, with the “Les 100 Ciels” collection, introduces the Treca world. Created for wider distribution, it retains Treca’s craftsmanship, quality and comfort at a more affordable price. Matching toppers and sommiers and the option of organic cotton upholstery enhance and complete the offer.

The iconic Relax articulated sommier

SUPERCAD The Supercad is the ultimate adjustable bed base. 4 motors enable you to obtain the perfect reading, lying; resting, sleeping position. Ultra-durable and extremely silent, the Supercad uses the latest Blue tooth technology and a circuit breaker for safety. The Supercad can be upholstered.

TRECAFLEX M5.2 & M5. Based on our patented Treca¬ex slat system, the Treca¬ex M5 o ers 2 or 3 motors for essential sleeping positions. The alliance of slats and springs provides a fully ventilated yet extremely well supported bed base. Duo or Mono versions are available, both piloted through a bluetooth remote control.The Treca¬ex can be upholstered.

CAD The original CAD adjustable bed base is a more simple version of the Supercad. It consists of 3 motors for complete control of your sleeping positions with the help of a radio remote control.

TRECA Paris ….offering the privilege of a rare moment


The elegance of shapes True to the tradition of French tailoring, the Treca Paris Décoration atelier offers a collection of exclusive creations to dress your bed. The boldness and inventiveness of our designers combine with the art of traditional French upholstery.

Built-in beds, feet signed by well-known designers, cushions, rollers, sommier covers, Dior folding ruffles, passepoils, ….. expert hands and gestures repeated thousands of times bring special care to details and finishes. Treca Paris has always considered sleep to be a privileged moment, a pleasure to be savoured. This is why it transforms the bed into a masterpiece of comfort and refinement, a true oasis of comfort and pleasure.

The Treca style Treca is about colours, textures, materials and design. Treca is original in its tastes but traditional in its values. Intended for experienced people who seek true elegant luxury and a bit of “je ne sais quoi” so French

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