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Transforming your garden into a high design environment

high design garden

With good planning, the garden can become a functional, high-design space. The outdoor areas of the house are gaining importance in interior design and those who have a house with a garden are increasingly deciding to take action to enhance this space. The outdoors is used to recharge energy and spend quality time with family or friends. For this reason, carefully designing the garden space becomes a priority.

The designer garden, between nature and conviviality

In order to transform your home into a high-design environment, you must (re)design your garden. The outdoor space is the mirror of the home’s interior and both should be designed to reflect the aesthetic taste and style of the homeowners.

Sometimes the garden is the first thing guests see when they are invited. Structuring the garden as a design space allows it to present itself at its best and immediately convey the good taste and refinement of the people living in the house.

When defining the structure and furnishing of the garden, it is necessary to take into account all the possible uses of the space and define the best design for each one. There are those who see the garden as a convivial space, in which to organise meetings and dinners in the company of friends, and those who do not want to renounce to the care of green areas. There are also those who like to spend moments of relaxation in the open air, sunbathing or reading a book in the open air, and those who take every possible opportunity to take a dip in the swimming pool or do some outdoor exercise.

If you want a space to be lived in as an extension of the interior, you can design a space entirely dedicated to conviviality, including a kitchen, a brick barbecue or a bar area. There should also be tables and chairs for guests to sit and chat, and a large gazebo to shelter from the sun.

design garden

Making the most of your garden with garden design

The ability to design a garden is a real discipline in its own right, bringing together architectural, urban planning and botanical skills. A garden designer is able to bring out the strengths of the garden, highlighting them in the most appropriate way.

Considering the exposure of the garden, the amount of light it receives, the windiness of the area and the characteristics of the soil, for example, you can decide in which area to plant flowers, aromatic plants or larger trees and which species to focus on. Flowers such as lavender and lily of the valley, aromatic plants such as sage and rosemary or climbing plants such as jasmine are able to give the garden personality and fill the view and air with intense colours and scents in spring.

Deciding on the layout of the different elements in the garden is one of the main tasks of a garden designer. The assessment must be made taking into account how the garden should relate to the house and according to the paths of use of the outdoor space that have been decided. If there is a gazebo or swimming pool in the garden, a path or walkway must naturally be provided to connect these areas to the main house and to each other. The type of paving chosen to connect the different spaces depends essentially on the style adopted for the house. For a garden with an oriental and zen-inspired feel, a wooden or stone path can be defined. For a modern and elegant garden, on the other hand, you can use wooden staves – the best woods are teak, iroko and bamboo – or porcelain stoneware floors.

The secret to creating a high-design garden lies in designing an elegant environment in which there is a balance between the green spaces and the style chosen for the various pieces of furniture. An appropriate lighting system that enhances the beauty of the garden and creates a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere in which to feel at ease makes it all the more special. For example, spotlights embedded in the ground can be used to illuminate green spaces and to mark the way. If you have chosen a luxury gazebo in a classic style you can use pendant lamps in the centre of the space.

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