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Softer or stiffer, the function of the topper mattress in a good night’s sleep

topper mattress

The importance of beds and mattresses for a good night’s sleep

The quality of a good night’s rest, especially in today’s hectic life where there is often a high pace, a lot of stress and little time to sleep, is crucial. In addition to design, in fact, in the environments in which we need to relax, from living rooms to bedrooms, we try to finalise every element, from furniture to colours to lighting, to complete relaxation. A fundamental role is obviously played by beds, which are chosen carefully, with their size, from traditional to king-size for those who want to be really comfortable, but also, and it could not be otherwise, the mattress, which must be the right one in terms of softness and characteristics. In recent years, another must for comfort in bed has become the topper mattress. But is it suitable for everyone and every context?

What is the topper

The topper mattress is a fashionable tool that everyone is getting these days, to improve the quality of their sleep. The topper mattress is a thin, padded mattress. It does not replace the classic mattress, but is placed between it and the topper mattress. It can vary in height from 3 to 7 centimetres. There are also models with different materials, which must be chosen depending on what you want to achieve. It is therefore not an aesthetic object (you can’t even see it…) but should be thought of according to one’s needs: a wrong purchase can lead to an uncomfortable sleep and backache, as those who struggle to find the right mattress know.

The various functions of the topper mattress

The functions of the topper can in fact be different. It can be used to improve the stiffness of a mattress, even when it is worn out, or to make it softer when it feels hard under the back. It is a useful element in cases where, in a double bed, the two people have different needs and therefore mattresses of different ‘softness’: by adding it, one will have the impression of resting on a single mattress, without sacrificing the needs of either of them (two different ones can also be used). Those who wish can also take it on holiday if they suffer from sleeping on a different mattress than they are used to.

Choosing to use a topper mattress is particularly useful for those who sleep on their backs, in order to alleviate the hardness of the mattress on the lumbar region, while limiting possible circulation problems for those who prefer to sleep on their sides. It also has a protective function for the mattress itself, even for those with allergies.

topper mattress

Materials and characteristics of toppers

What types are on the market and how to choose? First of all, the greater the thickness, the greater the guaranteed softness. As far as materials are concerned, there are memory foarm, foam, fibre, latex and polyurethane foam topper mattress on the market.

Memory foams (which have foam and polyurethane inside them) have the function of making an overly rigid mattress softer, adapting to the morphology of the user and supporting the body. They are therefore often the solution for those with back pain. On the contrary, foam ones make it feel stiffer. Latex ones work the same way. They correct certain defects in the mattress, which also protects against moisture, and are recommended for safeguarding against hip pain. Finally, polyurethane foam topper mattress have a high percentage of air inside between the folds, which therefore acts as a thermal insulator. 

As far as sizes are concerned, toppers are available in all sizes, both for single and double beds: in this case the most common sizes are 120 by 190 centimetres, 160 by 190 centimetres or 140 by 200 centimetres. The same size as the mattress should be chosen. The most comfortable fastening is with elastic bands.

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