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The walk-in closet at sightis is not for everyone

walk-in closet at sightis

A kind of showcase for the wardrobe

When furnishing a room, especially the bedroom, many people consider the walk-in closet. This is a space, sometimes an entire room, dedicated to the storage of clothing, accessories and shoes. The walk-in closet at sightin view, as deducible from the name, is in open wardrobe, the contents of which, therefore, is in front of everyone’s eyes. This solution is perfect for people who love order as well as showcasing what they have at their disposal, because the purpose of this walk-in closet, after all, is very similar to that of a showcase.

For whom is a walk-in closet at sightsuitable?

This type of walk-in closet at sightis not for everyone. Precise and tidy people, who pay attention to details and cleanliness are the most suitable to choose a walk-in closet. But those who do not want to commit to order, better think of something else. In fact, exposing the wardrobe in disorder is not a good business card! Such a walk-in closet at sightcan be inserted even in small rooms, as long as you choose a model without doors.

How to organize an open walk-in closet

There are different types of open walk-in closet. One is that of the walk-in closet at sightwithout doors, which looks like a classic closet but in fact is open on the front and closed on the back. We can go so far as to say that, basically, it is a closet in all respects, but it does not have doors. A walk-in closet at sightof this type allows you to choose between two different types of wardrobes. Those who have a room to devote completely to the wardrobe, can choose this option. The room does not need to be large, and you can furnish it with clothes hanger tubes, grids for storing shoes, containers, recesses for boxes, various types of doors and much more. The second option is the open walk-in closet at sightarranged on a single wall to form a linear composition. In this case, the elements are independent and modular, and it is possible to indulge one’s own fancy or needs thanks to the combinations. Everything that will be placed there, therefore, will be visible, with the exception of what will be stored in the drawers and chests of drawers (usually it is underwear).

The entrance wardrobe

Generally we think of the room as the room in which to place a walk-in closet, if it is not possible to devote an entire area to the same, but nothing prohibits to place the wardrobe in the entrance, where it proves useful and functional because in the houses now abound jackets, coats, hats, scarves and so on. And it serves precisely to store all this and more. Here you can insert coat hooks, hanger rods, panels with hooks and coat stand.

Servant coat rack

An adaptation of the walk-in closet at sightis very popular among people who, for whatever reason, do not feel like having the entire wardrobe exposed, or do not have space to do it properly, is the coat rack servomuto, formed by a rod hanger to which combine a chair, a mirror with shelves and similar solutions. It is generally placed in the bedroom and is extremely functional without forgetting the style. In this way, one or two changes of clothes will be at hand, and exposed to view.

The materials for a walk-in closet at sightthat is in view

The walk-in closet at sightin view is available in many materials including glass plates, lacquered volumes, wooden or glass shelves and curtains in stretched fabric, not forgetting steel. In order to customize it, it is possible to opt for the preferred sizes and finishes and choose models that offer a mix of functionality and design because, after all, in the case of a walk-in closet, the aesthetic aspect is one of the most important. For example, you can combine boiserie.

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