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The timeless art of the Masters for the Murano crystal chandeliers

Murano crystal chandeliers

Murano crystals, priceless in chandeliers

Refined, synonymous with elegance and refinement, suitable to be easily inserted in any type of environment, from the living room to the entrance hall, Murano crystal chandeliers should be present in every home, especially in those of those who seek the exclusivity of a product made by hand using the artisan techniques that are handed down from one Master to another. A person who loves this type of refinement will find in the chandeliers made with the priceless Murano crystal the perfect solution for any need.

The details of Murano crystal chandeliers

Murano crystal chandeliers are very special, defined by their handmade workmanship, making them perfect to fit into both modern and classic settings. With their unique design, they are impossible to confuse with other types of chandeliers. The master glassblowers work the hand-blown glass, dedicating care and attention to it, and also providing what is truly a certificate of guarantee. Murano crystal chandeliers are a true expression of style and allow you to enrich your environment with your own personality. They are not limited, therefore, to illuminating the room but, especially if placed in a context composed of furnishing elements such as table lamps, wall sconces and Murano glass flambeaux, they contribute to giving the living room or bedroom environment, and even the entire home, a unique style.

The true protagonists of the environment

Murano crystal chandeliers are certainly not made to remain in the shadows and often become the undisputed protagonists of the environment in which they are placed. Made strictly by hand, they offer many possibilities for customisation in shape, size and colour. The material, in fact, arrives still soft in the hands of the masters who can then work it in different ways. Once moulded, it cools and its shape can no longer change. It is precisely on the basis of the model and the shape of the lamp that the Master works on shaping the glass to achieve the desired result.

Reasons to choose Murano crystal chandeliers

If making everyone speechless or finding yourself with a unique, shining and refined piece of furniture are not enough reasons to choose Murano crystal chandeliers, a valid reason may be their ability to completely change the environment in which it is placed. As mentioned, the possibilities for customisation are almost infinite, and this too is a detail not to be underestimated. Those who want chandeliers characterised by the beauty of Murano crystal will be able to choose not only shapes, sizes and colours as they see fit, but will also be able to opt for styles and ideas that are not so popular, or completely original.

They are the bearers of a very ancient tradition, preserved in the marvellous city of Venice for about a thousand years, and handed down like precious gold from one Master to the next. It is easy to understand how this type of chandelier goes well with the classic style, which winks precisely at times gone by, but is certainly also very welcome in contemporary and even modern design environments precisely because of its ability to be customisable and, therefore, adaptable.

Important aspects when choosing Murano crystal chandeliers

The primary purpose of a chandelier, no matter how unique and wonderful as Murano crystal chandeliers are, is still to illuminate the room, therefore it is essential to choose the light points and determine the areas you wish to illuminate. It must also be assessed whether there are other light sources in the room or whether the chandelier will be responsible for the entire lighting. The size of the chosen chandelier, as well as its diameter and height, are also important.

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