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The modern minimal kitchen: what is it and what are the tips for buying it

The modern minimal kitchen what is it and what are the tips for buying it

Smooth surfaces, glossy materials and straight lines: these are the elements that characterize a modern minimal kitchen. If on the surface this solution looks simple and essential, in reality it hides a very sophisticated design, also from the technological point of view.

What are the salient features of a modern minimal kitchen?

Observing a minimal modern kitchen, what immediately jumps to the eye is the great rigor that it transmits. The furniture has straight and squared lines and the visible elements are reduced to a minimum. Glossy finishes and light colors are often used, which make the kitchen appear brighter and more spacious.

A modern minimal kitchen is especially suitable for those who love linear layouts and want a well-organized kitchen with a sleek and clean look. The doors and outer panels are completely smooth, with pressure opening systems or with hooks hidden from view.

The apparent simplicity of this furnishing solution, however, hides a certain complexity and a great capacity for innovation from the technological point of view. In fact, these modern kitchens usually have a technological heart: they are smart kitchens, equipped with appliances connected to the internet and controllable even remotely. The cooking surface is generally induction, a solution that allows a complete fusion with the surrounding top. The most modern kitchens have a hob integrated in the top, invisible to the eye.

In the design of modern kitchens, the use of an island or peninsula is increasingly envisaged, to be used for the preparation of meals, breakfast or snacks. Islands and peninsulas also become the ideal place to get extra space to organize in an orderly manner the equipment used in the kitchen.

Wood and metal are the materials most commonly used in modern minimalist kitchens. Wood is coated with a matt or, more often, a glossy finish. For metal surfaces, steel is preferred, as it is durable, hygienic and easy to clean.

The modern minimal kitchen what is it and what are the tips for buying it

How to choose the right modern minimal kitchen?

In minimal kitchens, visible objects are reduced to a minimum. This implies the presence of numerous shelves and drawers in which to store pots, dishes, household linen and food. Being able to design a custom kitchen is a great advantage, since it allows you to create ad hoc spaces in which to organize everything you need.

To achieve an excellent result, it is essential to carefully design the space, take good measurements and organize the arrangement of furniture taking into account the flow of people who will attend the room. Modern minimal kitchens are frequently created in open-plan environments, overlooking the entrance area or the living room. Often these two environments are designed at the same time, to create a coherent and perfectly balanced unicum. Those who wish to isolate the kitchen from the other areas of the house can make use of retractable partitions, hidden in a small opening in the wall and to be used only when necessary.

Once the boundaries of the space occupied by the kitchen have been defined, the next step is to choose the best arrangement of furniture. The traditional wall arrangement can be combined with the island arrangement, particularly suitable for those who love the idea that the kitchen becomes a social space, where friends and family can gather during the preparation of meals. Full-height solutions are ideal for those who want to maximize the linearity of the design and shift the focus to other elements of the room, such as the island or the dining table.

Although they are perfect for homes furnished in Nordic, minimal or contemporary style, in reality modern minimal kitchens have a remarkable versatility that allows them to adapt to environments furnished in a more traditional way.A kitchen in the color of natural wood, for example, could fit into a rustic context, while a modern kitchen in a dark color can balance a traditional decor that features solid wood furniture.

An accurate aesthetic, the careful design that takes into account in detail the needs of those who live in the house and allows a very high degree of customization and high versatility are the strengths of modern kitchens with minimal design, which have established themselves as the absolute protagonists of the current trends in interior design. 

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