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The industrial style metal chandelier: guide to choice

industrial metal chandelier

Today we present the industrial-style metal chandelier, an iconic object that we will hear more and more about in the future. Let’s take a look at what it is and in which homes – and in which environments – it can provide an amazing furnishing result.

First of all, we can say that the industrial style is one of the great protagonists of interior design in recent years. Metal is among the most commonly used materials in homes furnished according to the principles of this style: it is found in furniture structures, but also in accessories. An industrial metal chandelier is therefore the most suitable solution for lighting and decorating the spaces of flats, villas and lofts with an industrial chic inspiration.

When to furnish with an industrial style metal chandelier?

The natural habitat for an industrial style metal chandelier is a large loft, obtained from the recovery and transformation of an old warehouse or factory. In such a space, characterised by large, open rooms, high ceilings and glass windows, using large metal chandeliers is an excellent solution for managing the lighting.

The metal structure of the industrial chandelier blends perfectly with the whole. Indeed, one of the principles of the industrial furnishing style is to keep some of the structural elements, such as pipes and cables, visible. Moreover, the contrast between metal and the equally typical loft materials – we refer in particular to concrete and bricks – provides a nice visual contrast.

However, an industrial-style chandelier does not necessarily have to be placed exclusively in an industrial context. A metal model can also be successfully installed in flats furnished in a contemporary style and in villas with modern furnishings.

Depending on the characteristics of the room to be illuminated, one can opt for a large hanging chandelier. Or you may decide to install wall lamps. And again: if you want more versatility and the possibility to easily adjust the amount of light in the room, you can choose metal floor lamps, also in an industrial style.

Which design to choose for an industrial metal chandelier?

The size of the chandelier is one of the first elements to consider. Of course, the size of the structure must be proportionate to the size of the room. This means that while in a large living area one can afford to install one or more metal chandeliers – even large ones – in a small living room with low ceilings the size of the chandelier will have to be carefully calculated.

It is equally important to consider the appearance of the chandelier: is it better to have a model made entirely of metal or a structure composed of metal and glass? The answer cannot be unambiguous and depends essentially on the objectives of the project, also in terms of aesthetics.

One can go for a polished aluminium chandelier or a copper chandelier with a matt finish. Again, one can consider brass models or models made of alloys such as steel and bronze. The choice between all these materials should be made by considering both the appearance of the different chandelier models and the characteristics of each metal.

Common to all models of industrial-style metal chandeliers is the use of strong lines. Indeed, these are pieces in which decoration is kept to a minimum and square and rectangular designs predominate. Curved lines, on the other hand, are almost exclusively present in oval-shaped models.

In which rooms of the house can an industrial-style metal chandelier be exploited?

Thanks to their simple and elegant lines, industrial-style metal chandeliers can be used both in the living area of the house and in the sleeping area. In the living area, hanging chandeliers can be installed in the living room to illuminate the table area. The same can also be decided for the kitchen.

Depending on how the kitchen is structured, the metal lamp can be in the centre of the room or moved towards the island. In an industrial style flat, as we said, you can also think about installing suspended metal lamps to illuminate the area dedicated to food preparation and cooking.

Studying the size and layout of the room is also important to identify the best chandelier model. A particularly large room will be difficult to illuminate with a single light point, whereas a rectangular room might consider a model with light points arranged horizontally. Alternatively, adjustable lamps also lend themselves as a solution.

In bedrooms, the suspended metal chandelier can be chosen in combination with bedside lamps for a very harmonious result. In this room of the house, to lighten the appearance of the chandelier in an industrial style, one can opt for a model with a metal and glass structure. The balance between the transparency of glass and the solidity of metal guarantees perfect illumination of the room and gives the room an elegant and sophisticated touch.

The simple yet refined aesthetics of industrial-style metal chandeliers allow them to adapt to a variety of contexts. The colours and finishes of the metal go really well with light and dark furniture, both classic and more contemporary.

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