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The Gervasoni BRASS pendant lamp: what is it? Why choose it?

The Gervasoni BRASS pendant lamp: what is it? Why choose it?

The Gervasoni BRASS suspension lamp is one of the most iconic pieces of Italian design. Designed by Paola Navone, it is a lamp capable of maintaining its appeal over time. The shine of the brass and the details due to the hammered workmanship give the room a very special effect, perfect for enhancing different styles of furniture.

Features of the Gervasoni BRASS lamp

The Gervasoni BRASS lamp recalls the shape of a flower with large, delicate petals or the sinuosity of a manta ray swimming freely in the sea. This hanging lamp is a real must for Made in Italy design enthusiasts. Like other pieces of furniture that have made the history of Italian interior design, it was designed by Paola Navone.

The lamp is available in two versions: a smaller one, with a diameter of 80 centimetres, and a larger one, with a diameter of 120 centimetres. The two versions can be easily placed side by side and combined to create original and unique compositions.

The creation is made of hammered brass, with a matt or nickel-plated finish. Each lamp is made by hand and is a unique piece. The hammering leaves irregularities and slight differences on the surface of the metal, which retains a pleasant raw effect.

It is precisely the workmanship that makes the Gervasoni BRASS a design product of great value. As well as making each piece unique, the irregularities on the brass surface guarantee an ever-changing play of light and shadow.

The Gervasoni BRASS pendant lamp: what is it? Why choose it?

How best to install the Gervasoni BRASS lamp in the home

Such an important design element deserves a prominent place in the home. The pendant lamp is ideal for illuminating the living area, whether it is a living room or a lounge. The length of the pendant cable can be easily adjusted to ensure that the lamp provides an optimal amount of light.

Another corner of the house where a Gervasoni BRASS model can be successfully installed is the entrance hall. Particularly in homes with a large entrance overlooking the living area, installing a pendant lamp a short distance from the doorway immediately demonstrates the good taste and passion for design of the homeowner and enhances this difficult-to-furnish space. Naturally, the scenic effect is enhanced if the same type of pendant luminaire is also chosen for the living room.

Those who want to surround themselves with design elements can also place a Gervasoni BRASS hanging lamp in the bedroom or bathroom. In both of these areas of the house the only aspect to be assessed is the coherence between the elegant and original lines of the lamp and the style or colours chosen to furnish the rooms.

The Gervasoni BRASS pendant lamp: what is it? Why choose it?

Gervasoni BRASS: how to have perfect lighting for your home

The Gervasoni BRASS hanging lamp is one of the design elements which, more than others, succeeds in furnishing spaces without requiring any particular intervention by planners and interior designers. It is a beautiful piece of furniture, with great personality and easy to install.

However, some advice can be given to try to achieve the best possible result. The colours in the house are perhaps the most important aspect to consider. The lamp has beautiful golden reflections, which can be brought out by the use of colours such as white, blue and purple. The contrast between the colour of brass and black is also intriguing and should be considered carefully when choosing furniture and fittings.

To optimally position the Gervasoni BRASS lamp(s) you need to take into account the amount of light in the room and the orientation of the furniture. You can choose to install the lamp in the centre of the room, for example, or create points of light in areas where you have decided to place the table or sofa.

Although the Gervasoni BRASS pendant lamp is versatile and capable of fitting into any type of environment, there are certain furnishing styles that manage to make the most of the lines and characteristics of this work. Among the contemporary styles it is certainly worth mentioning the industrial one. Thanks to the presence of numerous elements in metal and raw finishes, a house furnished in industrial style is among the most suitable environments to successfully accommodate a BRASS lamp by Gervasoni. This lamp is also perfect for environments furnished in a rustic style, especially if you have chosen to give the furniture a chic feel.

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