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The designer wardrobe for the bedroom buying guide

The designer wardrobe for the bedroom buying guide

The wardrobe is undoubtedly the centrepiece of bedroom furniture. As the care and importance of clothing choices in our daily lives has grown, the space occupied by wardrobes has expanded. The most modern furnishing solutions include the use of imposing designer wardrobes for the bedroom, which take up one or two walls.

Which designer wardrobe to choose for the bedroom?

Designer wardrobes allow for tailor-made and customised solutions, designed to fit perfectly into the space. In many cases, modular solutions are used, which can be configured in various ways.

The number of doors, for example, can be defined on the basis of the quantity of clothes to be stored, while the various components of the wardrobe are chosen according to the type of clothes. Several drawer units and shelves can be provided for storing shirts and clothes that need to be folded, and rods can be provided for storing clothes.

The designer wardrobe for the bedroom buying guide

Modern designer wardrobes to make your home unique

When designing a designer wardrobe, it is important to balance the need for storage with the search for an aesthetically pleasing and well-kept look.

Several strategies can be implemented to ensure that the wardrobe furnishes the bedroom with personality. Inserting mirrored doors is a simple and effective solution to liven up the composition and make the furniture look more refined. Choosing a wardrobe with mirrored doors is recommended especially when you want to increase the brightness of the room and when you want to make the space appear larger by using an optical effect.

A similar effect can be achieved by choosing a designer wardrobe with glass doors. This solution is more original and contemporary than using simple mirrors and transforms a simple built-in wardrobe into a sort of walk-in wardrobe. Unlike walk-in wardrobes, the contents are visible, although not in view. With the use of coloured glass or special finishes it is possible to create visually attractive furniture with perfect functionality.

Creating compartments in the front of the wardrobe is also a good idea for personalising the furniture. One or more compartments of different sizes and at different heights can be used as shelves or shelves. Those who like linear and symmetrical structures could choose a wardrobe with doors interspersed with a full-height shelf, to be used for example as a bookcase.

When planning the room furnishings, the need may arise to conceal the side of the wardrobe that remains visible. This is usually the case when furnishing a loft or an open-plan room. Instead of having a completely smooth surface, you can design a designer wardrobe with a side shelf, to be enriched with books, flowers or personal items, or a wardrobe with a corner module, which is more pleasing to the eye.

If space allows, it is also possible to integrate the wardrobe and the external chest of drawers, creating a sort of fusion between these two elements of the bedroom furniture. In a solution of this type, a part of the drawers becomes part of the main structure of the wardrobe and a part acts as a shelf.

The designer wardrobe for the bedroom buying guide

How to choose the perfect designer wardrobe for your bedroom

Choosing the perfect designer wardrobe for your bedroom must naturally start with a careful study of the space available. Not only the width and height of the wall should be considered, but also the size of the doors, taking into account the type of opening you want. If you need to recover space you could opt for a wardrobe with sliding doors instead of hinged doors.

The choice of materials and finishes is equally important. Wood can be combined with glass or metal elements to give a more contemporary look to the structure. Those who like colourful furniture can choose a wardrobe with lacquered doors, which can be offered in a glossy, matt or even textured finish.

With the help of an experienced designer, you can find the best designer wardrobe for your bedroom. In other words, it is possible to choose the model which is more capable than others of ensuring maximum practicality, which is more capable of fitting harmoniously into the overall furnishings of the house and which has the aesthetic details that best enhance its style.

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