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Coordinating the team of craftsmen in an interior design project: why is it so important?

Coordination between the different professionals contributing to an interior design project is crucial to the success of the project. Within the team of craftsmen, it is important to have a leader from the outset, who is responsible for coordinating the work and supervising progress. In this way, the architecture office knows it can sleep soundly: someone is in charge of the various activities, aiming to respect delivery times.

Why the coordination of professionals and craftsmen is essential

The definition of an interior design project is comparable to a team sport. Its success depends on the work of the individual professionals and craftsmen, who work together and integrate their specialisations to achieve the final objective. Coordination and amalgamation of these professionals is of paramount importance, both in the conception and realisation phases of a project.

Coordination is usually carried out by a member of the architectural team, who has to deal with Electricians, Plumbers, Tilers, Carpenters and all the other professionals involved. Constant dialogue and confrontation between all these figures is essential in order to intercept and resolve any critical issues in good time. And there always are, you can be sure of that.

It is equally important to define the timetable for the work to be carried out, making sure that each craftsman or professional fits correctly into the work flow, without hindering or slowing down the work carried out by the other professionals working on the job.

Communication is therefore the basis for the success of the project. From this point of view, the team leader must take charge of managing the organisation of the different stages of the work, optimising time and resources. It is up to him or her to integrate the various interventions and assemble the final result.

What problems does good coordination of the team of craftsmen prevent?

When there are several people working on an interior design project, dozens of different problems can arise.

Lack of information or the possession of partial information shared between team members are at the origin of most misunderstandings. Such misunderstandings slow down or hinder the work process.

Inaccuracies or omissions in working documents can also be major obstacles to the various activities of professionals and craftsmen. Taking certain aspects of one’s own work for granted may, for example, hinder the work of another craftsman who ignores some of the requests or needs of another professional.

Inadequate or outdated information can lead to wrong decisions being taken or can result in constant adjustments and revisions of the project, creating a vicious circle that never seems to end. A real downward spiral, which delays delivery more and more.

Therefore, defining clear and shared rules for the coordination of all these professionals from the outset helps to prevent all these problems. What’s more, it ensures that everyone can work in synergy with the other craftsmen to carry out the project effectively. And above all, without delays.

What are the benefits of coordinating teams?

Being able to coordinate the teams working on an interior design project not only allows you to achieve the final objective, i.e. the delivery of the completed project to the client on time and in the agreed manner. It also saves resources and increases the satisfaction of the professionals involved, first and foremost the architecture studio.

The benefits of coordination are therefore diverse, and all important. Dialogue and confrontation allow problems to be identified at an early stage and corrected before it is too late. This translates into savings in time and money, which will certainly please the end client. Saving time also means a smoother working process, without interruptions caused by site-related problems.

Having well-defined control and coordination procedures also helps in monitoring the progress of the work. Keeping track of the various activities to be carried out makes it possible to know at all times who is working on what, and how much time is left before the various stages are completed. This obviously also has an impact on the delivery and assembly of the furniture in the customer’s home.

In the event of problems, a well-conceived control system makes it possible to make modifications and changes immediately, without having to resort to a massive redesign, which would in all likelihood result in increased costs and time. This is certainly not something that makes either the architectural office that deals with the client or the client happy.

Coordination and confrontation between craftsmen and professionals go hand in hand with control and supervision. The team leader has the task of verifying compliance with shared procedures, controlling the quality of the work carried out and interfacing with other professionals and suppliers in order to monitor progress and update the map of the next steps to be taken.

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