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The table with bench for the modern kitchen: how to make the right choice?

table with bench  modern kitchen

Inserting a table with a bench in a modern kitchen is certainly an original – and therefore interesting – way of furnishing the space.

This solution can be very useful in contexts where the available dimensions are small, but it can also be the right choice in large kitchens where you need to rely on a piece of furniture with a strong personality.

What are the merits of bench tables in modern kitchens?

Tables with benches are often used in small spaces and when there are constraints that force the table to be placed close to the wall. In such a situation, the table with bench is the ideal solution to make the most of the available space. The use of the bench instead of chairs in fact reduces the clutter of the table and allows a corner of the room to be filled and made functional.

In many cases, it is preferred to furnish the modern kitchen with a table with a bench instead of chairs because of the space-saving properties of benches. This advantage is also appreciated by those who do not have particular space problems. Benches prove to be a comfortable and flexible solution in everyday life, as well as when there are guests at the table. Sometimes, the structure of benches is also designed to offer extra space in which to store various objects, tablecloths or common kitchen utensils.

The main advantage of bench tables, however, is probably their versatility. Indeed, everyone can create a customised configuration and find the combination that best suits their kitchen, taking into account the available space, the needs they want to satisfy and the chosen furniture style.

How to configure the modern kitchen with a table with benches?

The solution of furnishing the modern kitchen with a table with benches may be due to a necessity or a deliberate choice by the customer. In both cases, it is possible to give a particular character to the space by acting on the materials and style of the table.

To identify the most suitable table to furnish the room where food is prepared, the starting point is an analysis of the available space. From the study of the kitchen, it may emerge that the best place to position the table is in the centre of the room or, in other cases, in a corner of the room.

If you have opted for the installation of a modern kitchen with an island or peninsula, you could decide to position the table with bench either in the centre of the room or to the side of the kitchen. The first solution proves to be a winner in large open-plan spaces, while the second may be a good idea in order not to steal too much space from the passage of diners.

Once the position of the table has been decided, we can move on to consider what look to give this corner of the house and what materials to use. If wood is the most traditional option, there are many other proposals to consider. In a modern kitchen with coloured furniture, it might be a good idea to choose a white table with coloured benches. If, on the other hand, the style of the house is inspired by Nordic environments, a natural wood table with benches upholstered in a neutral-coloured fabric will fit in perfectly with the overall look.

The list of possible materials to be used for the table and benches is rather long. In addition to wood, designer plastics, metal or glass can be used. And for the bench coverings? Fabric, leather or even faux leather are good choices.

Customising the room also involves choosing the number of benches to use. There could be just one, leaning against the wall or free-standing, or two or more. The bench could be the only type of seat associated with the table, or chairs could be added, matching the style of the kitchen or not, depending on the final result to be achieved.

When is it appropriate to choose a table with a bench for the modern kitchen?

A table accompanied by one or more benches is an excellent idea when you want a dining area that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In this way, the table with bench can be used at various times of the day: in addition to main meals, it can also be used for breakfast, a snack or a quick meal.

Modern kitchens of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest, can be furnished with a bench table, finding the most suitable configuration for each. Moreover, thanks to the possibility of inserting coloured elements and accessories such as cushions or upholstered fabrics, benches become a decorative element.

The appearance of the table and the bench, of course, will influence the overall image of the kitchen. Depending on the case, the materials and colours used will contribute a rustic, pop or minimalist touch to the room.

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