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Swiss luxury apartments: how to furnish a flat, loft or villa luxuriously?

Swiss luxury apartments

Anyone who is called upon to furnish swiss luxury apartments and who is looking for ideas for their own home needs various pointers to make a correct and informed choice. What information are we talking about?

Firstly, it must be specified that the concept of luxury is elusive: it varies over time and depending on which part of the world you are in. There are, however, objective characteristics that the most elegant houses have in common. And it is precisely from here that one can start to define the contours within which to design a luxury interior design project .

What to decide before furnishing a luxury flat in Switzerland?

Furnishing swiss luxury apartments requires balancing several aspects. On a more general level, this requires a combination of the interior design trends that characterise the Swiss market and the demand for Italian-made furniture. The latter are indeed indispensable to guarantee superior aesthetics and functionality.

For many of the elegant flats in Ticino and Switzerland, furniture of Italian origin is used – as it should be. The great tradition of furniture that has been made in the Belpaese is highly appreciated by Swiss consumers, who admire its elegant and aesthetically pleasing design as well as its durability.

When furnishing a Swiss luxury flat, one cannot ignore the latest in interior design. In fact, even when customers request a project with a traditional character, it is important to include home automation systems or technological solutions, for example. That is, systems that allow one to benefit from optimal and always comfortable living conditions.

The main challenge for interior designers is therefore to create a good balance between luxurious and exclusive environments and furnishing solutions that enhance the functionality of spaces.

Swiss luxury apartments

What are the aspects that make the difference in swiss luxury apartments?

All swiss luxury apartments have certain things in common: they range from the great care taken in selecting furniture, materials, finishes and coverings, to the presence of custom-made furniture and design pieces that give an original and unique look to the different rooms in the house.

High-quality materials are chosen for the furniture and upholstery, with special attention paid to incorporating typical local elements. Solid wood furniture, for example, can be combined with warm Swiss-made parquet flooring or natural stone, such as elegant marble or sophisticated granite.

The brightness of the house is also an aspect to be considered, and with great care, when it comes to the interior design of swiss luxury apartments. So what? The rule is that natural light should be enhanced as much as possible. In this sense, a good interior designer knows that artificial light sources must complement sunlight, because this is how a truly optimal result is achieved.

The sum of this set of elements creates comfortable and valuable rooms, furnished with furniture that is functional, but also reflects the tastes of the person living in the house. On the other hand, when designing a Swiss luxury flat, it is essential, as it is for any other luxury homebuyer, to be able to create an environment that is comfortable and pleasant to live in. And this not only for those living in the house, but also for guests.

Furthermore, for the result to be luxurious and perfect in every respect, it is necessary for interior designers to be a spokesman for the wishes of their clients. Flat spaces should always be customised to reflect the personality, values, hobbies and habits of the people living there.

In modern swiss luxury apartments, it is common to find a room dedicated to the gym or a space with a sauna or a small private spa. Both of these solutions add prestige and a touch of class to the interior design and show attention to wellness and fitness.

Within a large Swiss luxury flat, one can also create a room in which to place a large screen and cinema seats. Or even a room to be used as a games room.

Swiss luxury apartments

What cannot be missing for a luxury flat that is truly unforgettable?

The care in planning and execution should be the same, inside as well as outside. This implies that terraces and balconies should be an integral part of the interior design and should be furnished in a stylistic coherence with the interior.

In a Swiss luxury flat, elements that recall the connection with nature and the outdoors should never be missing. Even when it has been decided to furnish the space with classic or contemporary furniture, the inclusion of plants and flowers helps to enliven the environment and add a pleasant touch of colour to the whole.

Design pieces then complete the furnishing proposal. It can be the dining table or the sofa, if you want to make the living area stand out, or the bed or the wardrobe, if you want to bring the bedroom to the fore. Indeed, these are attentions that cannot be missed when it comes to furnishing swiss luxury apartments!

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