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Swiss furniture design: how to choose your quality furniture in Switzerland?

Swiss furniture design

Furnishing with Swiss furniture design, e.g. your own kitchen, is an excellent way to transform your home space into a truly unique and refined environment.

Indeed, even in Switzerland, the use of designer furniture  not only adds style and elegance to the home environment, but can have wider positive effects and improve the quality of life of those who frequent domestic spaces.

What should be considered when choosing Swiss furniture design?

When choosing furniture to be included in an interior design project, the most important thing to do is to assess the clients’ wishes in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Opting for designer furniture can greatly simplify the process, as this type of product manages to fuse aesthetic beauty and practicality to perfection, offering creative solutions that optimise space and make it more pleasing to the eye.

Swiss furniture design is made with elegant lines and top-quality materials, guaranteeing a long service life and a refined appearance. Solid wood is generally used for designer furniture, combined with other materials such as crystal, metal or innovative materials.

Depending on the characteristics of the space to be furnished and the result you want to achieve, you may decide to decorate the entire home space with designer furniture or to concentrate on just a few rooms, combining designer pieces with furniture elements in various styles.

Swiss furniture design

Another aspect to consider when choosing? Since they are long-lasting pieces of furniture, handcrafted and made to the customer’s specific specifications, Swiss furniture design is a long-term investment that is capable of creating spaces that are both fascinating and elegant.

Il Piccolo has been offering a selection of the best Swiss furniture design for over 50 years

Anyone looking for designer furniture in Switzerland can rely on the expertise of Il Piccolo Sagl. With more than 50 years in the business, Il Piccolo stands out for its dedication to quality and its ability to provide unique furniture solutions.

Il Piccolo is the ideal partner for architects, interior designers and customers wishing to realise visually striking furnishing projects. Thanks to the presence of a carpenter’s workshop, made-to-measure and customised design furniture can be created to meet even the most particular needs.

In Il Piccolo’s showroom, located in Lugano, one can get an idea of the different furnishing solutions available and be inspired to define the type of design one wants to give one’s home or commercial space. In fact, Il Piccolo also oversees contract projects, providing design and custom-made furniture for shops, boutiques, hotels and any kind of venue, with a focus on luxury and sophisticated solutions.

The experience of the Il Piccolo Sagl staff is a guarantee of professionalism and competence. Thanks to personalised advice, customers can identify the design furniture and furnishing accessories that best suit their style and needs.

Swiss furniture design

The Swiss design furniture proposed by Il Piccolo is made of high quality materials and craftsmanship, which guarantees excellent product durability. The showroom in Lugano is an important reference point not only for the entire Ticino area, but also more generally for Switzerland and the regions of northern Italy.

How do you find the perfect Swiss furniture design for your project?

When you decide to furnish your space with Swiss furniture design, the most important aspect to consider and the one on which you must not compromise is quality, to be interpreted from the point of view of both design and production.

Swiss furniture design is often distinguished by its clean lines, innovative shapes and attention to detail. Designers involved in designing designer furniture not only apply a refined aesthetic style, but also take care to ensure functionality and comfort in everyday use. A perfect piece of designer furniture should integrate the concepts of ergonomics and practicality so that it is pleasant to use, and not just pleasing to the eye.

Thanks to the use of carefully selected woods and strong, durable metal elements, Swiss furniture design is robust and solid, created to last and withstand everyday wear and tear.

One final observation, to close this article. When choosing designer furniture in Switzerland, one should never make the mistake of underestimating the aesthetic aspect of the furniture. Combining innovative shapes and sophisticated style, these elements immediately catch the eye. The choice of colours, textures and finishes complements this by ensuring harmony with the surroundings and creating a perfect visual balance.

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