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Retractable and capable of becoming something else, a guide to the world of space saving beds

space saving beds

For optimal rest, the right bed is essential

The correct choice of bed is very important, because if it is not of quality, it does not allow a peaceful and comfortable rest. Whether we are talking about a single for a single occupant, a double for a couple or a king-size for those who like, alone or in company, to be really wide, we try to combine comfort with beauty. Often, however, space is limited, so space saving beds are increasingly being used, furniture that can also be multi-purpose, for more dynamic homes.

Why space saving beds are sometimes needed

The reasons for wanting beds that do not take up too much space can be many, so the solutions that can be implemented are also different. For example, someone may need something to sleep guests in, to be used once in a while, perhaps to be placed in the living room, if there is no room for it, or in a small space: an excellent hypothesis in this case are sofas with pull-out beds, or extendable ones, which become a bed, comfortable and practical, also to be used for a refreshing nap after lunch, whether single or double.

Horizontally or vertically retractable, the space saving beds that disappear during the day

space saving beds

For those who want real beds and not sofas that become them, a solution that dates back to the 19th century, invented by an Irish immigrant in New York, William Lawrence Murphy, is that of foldaway beds. These are real space saving beds, which, as the word suggests, during the day or when they are not needed, disappear or become something else, becoming part of an increasingly multifunctional concept of the home.

There are basically two types: vertically retractable, to exploit the height of a room, or horizontally retractable, for those who have a little more space at low heights.

Both models contain an already complete bed, usually single but there are also double ones, with a bedstead and mattress (sheets can be left in, it is inadvisable to do this with blankets because they take up precious centimetres). In the first case, they look like wardrobes, or in any case closed furniture, which are developed vertically; to open them, the front is pulled downwards, ‘pulling out’ the bed. In the second case, the bed is arranged horizontally, leaving room at the top to place shelves.

How to creatively use space saving beds when they are not needed

When closed, they look like wardrobes. Nobody can imagine that there is a full bed inside, so they are suitable not only for bedrooms but also for living rooms. When needed, there are models of space saving beds that transform into other furniture, for example desks, very useful in bedrooms where you study or work, or even tables for studio apartments, or even sofas. Folding beds can be integrated into a huge wall cupboard, a walk-in wardrobe or a wall unit with a bookcase. They are considered not only practical elements, but also true design objects, capable of making a room unique and multifunctional, with discretion and imagination.

space saving beds

Space-saving solutions for children’s rooms

Space saving beds are useful in children’s rooms when hosting friends for sleepovers. Very practical are the pull-out models, where the second bed, when not in use, is quickly and easily stowed away under the first and when needed is removed. Creative space-saving solutions are often used for children’s rooms, so that everything they need, from the bed to the desk to the wardrobe, can be accommodated in a small space. Often used ideas are bridge beds, with the lower space to be used as a desk or play space, bunk beds if there are two occupants, or beds with large storage units to replace or flank the wardrobes.

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