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Sovet Italia: furniture and furnishing accessories in which glass is the absolute protagonist

The Sovet Italia company specialises in the creation of furniture and furnishing accessories in which glass takes centre stage. This furniture brand was born in the 1980s, bringing together the skills of six master glassmakers from the Veneto region. Today, it is an international reference in the field of design, thanks to its unique and distinctive furnishing objects.

Sovet’s special bond with glass

As we have said, Sovet Italia was founded at the end of the 1980s, when six masters in the art of glassworking decided to open their own workshop in the province of Treviso. Right from the start, Sovet’s production was distinguished by a real love for glass and a desire to experiment and find innovative furnishing solutions.

The passion for design, the interest in researching furniture and accessories designed for contemporary furnishing and the collaboration with some of the best designers of our time have allowed Sovet to establish itself as one of the most influential design companies of the moment. In short: a true jewel of Made in Italy in the furnishing sector.

Sovet Italia’s fame is recognised internationally. The original use of glass, also in combination with other materials such as stone, wood and metal, has been able to convince a heterogeneous clientele but united by a passion for design and a taste for beauty, which is typical of Italian creatives. In Sovet’s productions, the Italian tradition of glassmaking blends in an original way with a contemporary idea of design. The result is creations with simple lines that combine functionality and elegance.

The strengths of the furnishing solutions by Sovet Italia

Sovet’s production is based on several pillars: at the base is the experience of master glassmakers, designers and craftsmen. Added to this is the attention paid to the process of choosing and selecting materials, which must meet precise requirements in terms of quality, appearance, durability and sustainability. Finally, there is the use of innovative technologies, which allow us to obtain furniture and accessories that possess a timeless elegance.

The Sovet Italia style is easily recognisable. The furniture and furnishing accessories of this brand have minimalist lines, which focus on the materials with which they are made. The attention to the origin and quality of the materials allows the creation of collections of the highest level and excellent performance.

The design of Sovet furniture is essential and minimalist. This means that the brand’s furniture and furnishing accessories fit perfectly into an environment furnished in a contemporary style.

Glass bending is one of the processes in which Sovet Italia has specialised. The know-how of glass working is carried on by generations of master glassmakers and allows to create unique and prestigious furniture.

Sustainability is one of Sovet’s core values. The raw materials used in production come from sustainable sources, the production processes have a low environmental impact and the energy sources used in production are renewable. Respect for the environment and sustainability are also fundamental characteristics of glass, Sovet’s signature material, which is recyclable an infinite number of times.

The Sovet Italia collection for contemporary furniture

Through its collections, Sovet wants to convey its passion for design and innovation. At the same time, the brand wants to allow the realisation of furnishing projects inspired by well-being and beauty. The different elements that make up the collection are the result of experimentation and research aimed at finding original and contemporary design solutions.

In Sovet’s philosophy, design is a tool that helps people find a new balance in living. But it is also a means through which to express innovation. Over the years, the Sovet Italia collections have been enriched with more materials and elements. First glass was joined by wood, then steel, aluminium and ceramics. The company’s most recent collections are a hymn to creativity and experimentation.

Sovet’s furniture and complements can embellish any space in the house, starting from the entrance, where functional consoles with an extremely accurate design can be placed. In the living area the Sovet tables and chairs make the space welcoming and original. The collections of the design company are perfect also for furnishing the bedroom, where the Sovet furnishing accessories permit adding a touch of design even to the most minimal projects. In addition, the tables, chairs and bookcases by Sovet Italia are also perfect for making one’s workstation at home welcoming and professional.

Among the most innovative solutions are suspended storage units with glass elements, the iconic Zeta table, made of curved glass and serving as both table and magazine rack, and the combinations of mirrors, which are available in various sizes and colours. Equally well-known and appreciated is the Olympia bookcase, made entirely of glass. All this production makes Sovet Italia one of the most innovative and prestigious realities of the Made in Italy furniture sector.

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