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Solid and timeless, solid wooden beds are suitable for every room

solid wooden beds


The room, a place for oneself

An oasis where one can be oneself and rest, in the literal sense of the word. The bedroom is the only room that is designed and furnished solely for those who sleep in it and not for matters of representation.

In fact, the hall is where guests spend time, the kitchen is seen and often lived in, the bathroom is used, the entrance hall is the calling card, while the bedroom, except on rare occasions, is only for the owners. And a central element, not to be left to chance, is the bed. One of the first options to choose from may be between solid wooden beds and upholstered beds.

The characteristics of solid wooden beds

Considering that the first characteristic one looks for in a bed, given that sleep is very important and ideally one should spend about eight hours sleeping, is comfort, both solutions can be so, thanks also to the use of mattresses. Different in concept, they are two different bed philosophies. The upholstered one is in fact soft, with the frame covered in fabric, the wooden one is solid, essential, and suitable for those with allergies.

Solid wooden beds, perfect for those who cannot stand dust

solid wooden beds

In fact, one defect of the upholstered bed, which is heaven for those who want to be soft, is that it attracts dust, although modern fabrics do their part very well in keeping it away. Solid wooden beds  avert the risk of bothering with dust and even mites. However, this is not the only criterion to use when choosing. By the way, wooden bed frames are also available for upholstered beds, although they are not common.

The unforgettable and unique contrasts of solid wood

Solid wood differs from solid because it uses material from the entire plant. Almost nothing is discarded, neither the heartwood nor the sapwood, whereas with solid wood, only the latter is used. By using everything available, one creates furniture, not just beds, that is unique and inimitable, because contrasts and grains are exploited and highlighted. Thus, solid wooden beds, perhaps left in their natural state, are ideal for rooms that want to convey a feeling of warmth and be extremely cosy. Entirely wooden rooms, including wardrobes and bedside tables, are very cosy, not surprisingly a popular choice for adults and children alike.

Solid wooden beds are timeless, that’s why everyone likes them

Thanks to their essential lines, however, these beds are used in every type of furniture, including modern furniture. Solid wood is a truly evergreen material, which appeals in all eras and furnishing philosophies, think even Nordic or Oriental. Opting for this option means taking home beds that are destined to be long-lasting and extremely durable. With simple and essential lines, they are timeless furniture that is always up-to-date. For more contemporary styles, you can opt for a varnish, if desired also glossy, in any colour.

solid wooden beds

An environmentally friendly choice

Solid wooden beds are an absolutely ecological and environmentally friendly choice, because they are 100% natural and recyclable. Even the paints that are used nowadays are natural, non-toxic and do not contain chemical solvents, so they do not pollute and do not damage nature and our surroundings. As mentioned, they are the perfect solution for those who suffer from allergies or simply detest dust.

How to introduce solid wooden beds into your bedroom

Many different models of solid wooden beds can be created, with different sizes and shapes. It can be made to measure for special needs (but be careful to make sure you have the right size mattress and sheets!), e.g. supplemented with bedside tables and practical chests of drawers where you can store things that have no place in the wardrobes. With a suitable mattress, they are soft and comfortable enough, with nothing to envy upholstered beds. And to be even more on the soft side, the choice of pillows is important.

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