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Full of charm and contrasts, solid wood dining table are imposing and full of personality

solid wood dining table

The solid wood table is a classic that never wanes

If in modern kitchens there is a tendency to opt for a more free, fluid and dynamic space and therefore to use the island as a surface for snacks or even for eating, perhaps with original high stools, in some styles solid wood dining table are still popular, a timeless classic that speaks of domestic warmth and conviviality.

Solid wood dining table for rooms to warm up and share time

In fact, there are interior design styles that make the table not only the surface on which to eat but the focal point, both visually and symbolically, of the entire room.

Above all, it places it at the centre, around which to build the entire kitchen, the country, rustic or country style, used with various declinations for mountain homes, huts or chalets, where it is no coincidence that a convivial, cosy and warm effect is sought, and wood is the master.

Around the table one warms up after a long day’s skiing, if possible next to a stove, one has a hot chocolate, one sits for hours chatting.

The characteristics of solid wood

Solid wood, by definition, uses the whole tree or almost the whole tree: no part is selected or discarded, whereas when using solid wood, which is very common in furniture, the heartwood is chosen. Solid wood dining table will therefore often be imposing and exploit the contrasts between the various parts of the trunk, namely between the heartwood and the sapwood, which are characterised not only by different colours, but also by different specific weights.

It is not possible to use sapwood for all types of wood, because it is too soft, such as fir, for example. If it can be said that a table or more generally a piece of furniture made of solid wood lasts longer because it does not tend to warp, one made of solid wood will make the contrast of colours its strong point.

Those made by craftsmen appear to be each one-of-a-kind, unrepeatable furniture of great charm, which is why you can, to have something truly unrepeatable, choose a made-to-measure project from a designer joinery.

solid wood dining table

Large solid wood dining table ? Yes, but not necessarily

Due to the characteristics listed, solid wood even better than solid wood lends itself to large tables, which are often those sought after by those who want a piece of furniture that can be the heart of the room.

However, it is not compulsory: if you do not have a lot of space or you are a family with a few diners who hardly ever invite guests, you can provide tables made of small solid wood.

Sometimes, in fact, apart from the symbolic significance, one that is too large in proportion to those who will use it risks becoming dispersive and excessive. And if you want a certain dynamism, there are extendable options, which enlarge when there are more people (always be careful to calculate that you have enough space for the open version!).

The right chairs or benches are important to match the solid wood dining table

In a style that makes domestic warmth and conviviality its strong points, solid wood dining table must be combined with chairs of the same material or, for an even more rustic effect, with benches (which can simultaneously become storage units, a practical and space-saving solution for storing laundry and utensils).

solid wood dining table

The richness of solid wood dining table is the contrasts. But if you wish, they can be lacquered

Needless to say, this type of table also fits well in a modern environment, and fits even better in a more classical one.

Since the particularity of solid wood is precisely the contrast between the various parts of the trunk, leaving it unfinished creates an extra plus, but there is nothing to stop you from going for a lacquer finish, as for example in the shabby style which seeks a properly aged white.

Here, then, are the strong points of the solid wood table

Certainly, solid wood dining table is a long-lasting choice, even if from that point of view solid wood is even more durable, and creates a stable, compact, imposing piece of furniture.

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