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Sliding glass doors, to be carefully maintained, but how elegant!

Sliding glass doors – elegant and also durable

Sliding doors, including glass doors, are synonymous with elegance; a timeless and chic option for separating rooms in the home. Sophisticated, light and smart, they are well suited to both flats and villas. The classic versions are lacquered, laminated or wooden, while the glass option offers a refined alternative. A sliding glass door guarantees a high level of brightness and the possibility to customise it in order to divide the rooms with particular styles or decorations.

Sliding glass doors can be made satin or transparent, coloured or with embossed decorations, artistic or imaginative, depending on taste and requirements.

The question arises as to whether sliding glass doors break easily: the answer is no. These doors are made using techniques and methods of glass breakage. The answer is no. These doors are made using techniques and methods that are shock-proof, burglar-proof and vandalism-proof. Glass doors are generally made of tempered glass panes and prepared for use by two different processes.

The terminology of glass doors

Tempered glass means that the sheet of glass is heated to a temperature of seven hundred degrees and then gradually cooled.
Laminated glass, on the other hand, means that an intermediate layer of PVB is placed between the panes to act as an adhesive between the different layers of glass.

What you need to have sliding glass doors

It has to be said that sliding glass doors are generally rather expensive and heavy to transport. The doors can be sliding or hinged. The sliding glass door can be installed on either a plasterboard or a concrete wall. It is important to check that you have enough space for the counterframe and any metal or wooden frames. Installation is also possible in tight spaces, as long as there is room for the doors to slide freely. Doors can be fixed to the door frame using clamps or brackets.

Those who wish to increase the brightness of a room can seriously consider installing one or more sliding glass doors; by filtering natural light it is possible to give an idea of openness and greater size to a small space. These doors can be installed anywhere; however, they are generally placed in the living room, for example to separate the living area from the dining room, or as a door to the bathroom, and in this case it must be satin-finished to protect privacy.

Cross and Delight: Decorating and maintaining sliding glass doors

Interior sliding glass doors can be satin-finished or transparent. Decorations can be made using decals or sandblasting. The usual choice is minimalist decorations, light and delicate embellishments, although there is nothing to stop you choosing more elaborate decorations and creating a kind of personalised work of art.

Sliding glass doors require frequent and specific maintenance. It is easy to damage the beauty and elegance of sliding glass doors due to fingerprints, stains, misting or layers of dust. Glass cleaning sprays are definitely recommended for the maintenance of sliding glass doors, remembering to use a microfibre cloth as the best tool for cleaning this material. If, on the other hand, the glass is damaged or cracked, it must be replaced.

Sliding glass doors cost money but give atmosphere and refinement

Sliding glass doors, regardless of decoration, generally have a fairly high price.

Cost aside, sliding glass doors are definitely an option to consider if you want to change the atmosphere of your home and don’t disdain a bit of sophistication. And don’t forget that these doors will look even better if it is an access to a garden or a courtyard, i.e. an outdoor space, which will not only give the room a beautiful view but also an airy atmosphere thanks to the direct natural light. This will also provide constant and direct access to nature.


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