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The sleeping system you choose influences the quality of your days

The sleeping system you choose influences the quality of your days

When designing a bedroom, we immediately focus, and rightly so, on the choice and arrangement of furniture and decoration that will make the room pleasant and welcoming. But just as important is the choice of sleeping system. Bed base, mattress and pillow have an important influence on the quality of sleep and consequently on the quality of your days.

The importance of having the right sleep system for the bedroom

The level of energy we have during the day depends largely on the quality of our sleep. Sleeping poorly, badly or on an inadequate mattress can have important consequences on our fitness. The quality of the mattress also affects the health of muscles and joints. For all these reasons, when designing your bedroom it is important to take the time to choose the right sleep system.

We talk about sleep systems because the quality of sleep depends not only on the characteristics of the mattress, but also on those of the base and pillow. Bed base and mattress must be chosen together, to be sure that the former perfectly supports the structure of the latter.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a mattress: in addition to the desired size, the degree of firmness and type of suspension, the qualities of different materials and the rigidity of the structure should be evaluated.

The ideal mattress is the model that best supports the spinal column and guarantees a perfect alignment of the back during sleep, so as to favour rest and energy recovery. In order to identify the best model for your needs, you must first consider your height and weight. On the basis of these data, you can understand the level of firmness you need and decide whether to opt for a mattress with zones of differentiated bearing capacity or choose a model with a uniform bearing capacity.

The sleeping system you choose influences the quality of your days

The art of resting to improve comfort and energy levels

A luxury bedroom cannot be complete without a high-quality mattress, made from the finest materials and hand-finished.

Sleep system manufacturers master a true art that improves well-being and helps people relax and regain strength during the night. During sleep, the body performs important functions, and having a high-quality sleep system will help you wake up and enjoy the rest of the day.

A good sleep system ensures adequate support for the spinal column, reducing feelings of tension and pain in the neck and lower back. It also promotes muscle relaxation and blood circulation.

Choosing the mattress material is another important step to take. Wool is the material par excellence, appreciated for its anti-humidity and temperature regulating properties. In addition to sheep’s wool and merino sheep’s wool, mattress manufacturers have selected other wools with even more interesting qualities, such as camel wool, alpaca wool and llama wool.

Natural fibres such as cotton and linen are also used in the production of mattresses. Due to their breathability, these fibres are ideal for the outer covering of the mattress, ensuring air circulation and creating a comfortable and hypoallergenic surface.

Sleeping comfort also depends on the suspension system used. Pocketed springs are among the most effective and practical systems, ensuring that the mattress adapts perfectly to the shape of each body.

An inadequate sleep system can have important consequences on a person’s state of health and well-being. The most common symptoms of poor sleep are backache, muscle pain and fatigue. Incorporating a high-quality sleeping system into your bedroom is a gift to yourself. Choosing a mattress made with customised dimensions and materials allows you to respect the characteristics and needs of each individual and to be able to rest at your best every day.

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