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Indispensable but also aesthetically pleasing: how to choose a designer shoe rack

shoe rack

In the entrance hall, in the walk-in wardrobe or… both

The definition of a shoe rack is a cupboard with shelves where shoes are stored. Where is it located? How is it designed? In a home, there can be several places to store shoes. For example, if someone is fond of shoes and has many models, a space could be provided in the bedroom, perhaps within their walk-in wardrobe. For practicality, a designer shoe rack should undoubtedly be provided in the entrance hall, combining utility and aesthetics.

So, is it better to have a single shoe rack, positioned just as you enter, or more than one? It depends on what you want and the space you have available. You can choose to keep all the shoes you own at the entrance, or think of a place to leave the ones you are currently wearing at the entrance and keep the others with the rest of your wardrobe. For those who own several pairs and conceive of shoes not only as something essential but as an object of real beauty, they can become design elements, like clothes (the walk-in wardrobe concept).

The measurements to start from when designing a designer shoe cupboard

Remaining with the solution in the entrance hall, what must be taken into account? The shapes, materials and colours that can be used are really many and lend themselves to infinite combinations, making this element not only functional but also beautiful. When planning your design shoe cupboard, however, you cannot ignore some basic measurements: a woman’s shoe measures at least 25 centimetres, a man’s 35 centimetres, so that must be the minimum depth. And when thinking about height, consider whether you use boots and heels, because those over 12 centimetres often cause closure problems.

Open or closed?

Do you want something open or closed? If you want to display your shoes, especially in a walk-in wardrobe, the open option or one with transparent doors is certainly appealing. Often in an entrance hall, comfort is preferred to pure display and therefore something closed is considered. The open option can be a simple piece of furniture consisting of shelves and shelves, while a closed designer shoe rack comes close to the concept of a wardrobe. It in turn can have fixed shelves or pull-out solutions, which are certainly more dynamic. 

shoe rack

The shoe rack fits the style of the entrance hall

As far as shapes are concerned, a designer shoe rack must clearly be adapted to the interior design of the entire room: yes, the entrance hall is one too, and its furnishing must be cared for, because it is the visiting card for guests. They range from imposing solutions to more agile ones. You can have square shapes, reminiscent of the classic style, or more fluid ones to fit into a modern context. Don’t forget that in addition to practicality, it must add something to the overall ambience! A hanging solution often combines practicality and aesthetics, adapting to any context, but especially to a modern one. You can have a shoe rack that develops significantly horizontally or vertically, depending on the space you have available.

Materials and colours of a designer shoe cupboard

You can also indulge in materials. With wood, left natural, coloured, lacquered or embellished with wood panelling, you can never go wrong and it adapts to every style. Moreover, it is a material that protects against odours that, like it or not, can remain in your shoes. For modern entrances there are metals. Bear in mind that you still need a fairly sturdy structure, as the weight can be considerable. A designer shoe rack can come in different colours: from wood effect to shades such as white, black or grey. If you want to be daring, there is nothing to prevent you from choosing cheerful, bright colours for a jaunty piece of furniture. As always, you need to understand whether you want, also in terms of colouring, something that blends into the environment or acts as a contrast. A popular element for this furniture is the mirror, which is practical and also gives a refined aesthetic touch.

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