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Salone del Mobile 2023: the top 15 trends of Milan Design Week 2023

Salone del Mobile 2023

The Salone del Mobile 2023, the world’s most important event for determining what interior design trends everyone will be following in the coming months, has just concluded.

As in the best years of the kermesse, both designers and participating companies presented many novelties for the furnishing of homes and beyond. It is therefore worth illustrating which were the most important trends that the Show highlighted.

Let us start by saying that this year’s edition was, as usual, remarkable. The reasons for such success? It exceeded 307,000 attendees, with 65% foreign buyers and over 2000 exhibitors at the Fair, spread over an area that is very difficult to calculate. In fact, in addition to the pavilions – some companies had stands that exceeded 1,000 square metres -, presentations and events were scattered almost everywhere.

So let’s present what were the main highlights of Milan Design Week 2023. Read this guide to the interior design trends that emerged at the fair carefully, because they will help you understand where interior architecture will be heading in the near future, so that you too can make the ideal living and professional choices, for you and your clients’ projects.

Salone del Mobile 2023

Salone del Mobile 2023: what trends have emerged that will influence interior design?

What did the Salone del Mobile 2023 highlight? Il Piccolo was once again present to record the most significant impulses for the sector. In this sense, the following are undoubtedly the 15 novelties – but also confirmations compared to the recent past – on which the entire sector will focus over the next twelve months – and beyond.

1.            The proposal of outdoor collections is confirmed to be on the rise. Indeed: this year, we can speak of a real boom in outdoor proposals. The trend is now well established and those who have been to the Fair can confirm this: every company is producing entire collections specifically dedicated to outdoor living.

2.            Colour, colour and more colour! The use of colour trumps the use of back and white. Consequently, there is plenty of room for combinations of various shades, with choices that are even daring. Indeed, many interior design brands have proposed bright colours. One colour above all? At the recent Milan show, Klein Blue was all the rage!

3.            Another clear trend coming from Milan Design Week 2023 is the focus on round shapes. Furniture is increasingly popular with curved lines and rounded edges. Straight, sharp, clean-cut edges are clearly bucking the trend.

4.            Watchword: comfort! When it comes to chairs, armchairs and sofas, the seats have become very comfortable. Even extra large! We are talking about seats that become really deep and sometimes very deep.

5.            A piece of furniture that has been noticed in many collections? The round and swivel armchairs, again with a very deep seat.

6.            The Salone del Mobile 2023 has established that this year will be the year of screens. Made of bamboo cane, ceramic, leather, wood or any other material variant. There is no limit to the imagination when it comes to creating this furnishing accessory.

7.            Sustainability was also confirmed at this exhibition as a major theme. This is demonstrated, for example, by the brands’ extensive use of refined, eco-friendly or recyclable finishes and materials.

8.            Sometimes they come back… Some companies have dusted off from the past a very special and rather fascinating piece of furniture, which will undoubtedly be back in fashion from now on. We are referring to bar furniture.

9.            What about a fundamental furnishing accessory like the carpet? As far as carpets are concerned, the trend closely follows the outdoor trend. So, big space for outdoor textiles. At the same time, eco-sustainability is also a current topic for carpets, especially luxury carpets.

10.          The Milan Design Week 2023 strongly emphasised that this will be the year of light, understood as a strongly poetic presence. A light that is capable of a great innovative vein and that knows how to complete and enhance the design of every type of home interior.

11.          Connecting to the point above, we particularly appreciated the proposal of Michael Anastassiades, who – and we are not exaggerating – brought to the Salone del Mobile 2023 a collection that expresses poetry in its purest state.

12.          Also marvellous were the lamp models presented by Tooy, which evoked the perception of an experimental and minimalist tone, and which were made by 3D printing, using sustainable materials.

13.          Remaining in the lighting field, Vibia once again proved to be at the forefront with its lighting systems, which are able to create suggestive atmospheres. The brand’s aim is to use lighting design to generate a positive impact on people’s lives.

14.          Flos has also attracted the attention of everyone in the industry by presenting an absolutely visionary collection, which is the result of collaboration with the great designer Konstantin Grcic.

15.          One last trend that emerged from the Salone del Mobile 2023? Again, we remain in the field of lighting. It is indeed impossible to forget Luce Plan, with its admirable light sculptures.

Salone del Mobile 2023

Appointment in Milan for 2024!

So these were the most important trends that emerged from the Milan Design Week 2023. We at Il Piccolo, who experienced the entire week from the inside, were able to record them directly on site.

If you, too, are an interior designer, you cannot ignore the trends we have reported on, because these are the directions that the entire sector will follow from here on, at least until the next Milanese event. Basically, the Salone del Mobile 2023 has reaffirmed the centrality of the Milanese kermesse, which has once again had the ability to synthesise the fashions, trends and novelties revolving around furniture and furnishing accessories.

We hope you have enjoyed our guide and that it will help you make the best decisions about furnishing your homes and interior design projects for your customers. See you again in Milan for next year’s Design Week!

Salone del Mobile 2023
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This guide to the best trends emerging during the Salone del Mobile 2023 has been written by Il Piccolo, a second-generation family-run carpentry company opening its showroom in Lugano. With more than 50 years of experience, Il Piccolo brings with it a wealth of technical and design knowledge, thanks to the numerous interiors designed and furnished around the world. Moreover, Il Piccolo represents the world’s most prestigious furniture brands. This is also evidenced by its ability to follow the trends that have emerged in this Milan Design Week 2023.

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