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Sale kitchens in Switzerland: who do you trust to make the best choice?

sale kitchens

Today’s post deals with the topic of sale kitchens in Switzerland. It may seem like an easy subject to you, but it is not. In fact, if you really want to bring the kitchen of your dreams into your home , read carefully all the advice we will give you in this short guide.

An observation to start with. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house and, consequently, its design must be taken care of carefully. Relying on a company that is truly expert in the sale kitchens in Switzerland guarantees an excellent result, both in terms of product quality and durability.

In essence, it is necessary to find an excellent partner, rather than a kitchen salesman. And this is true for anyone looking for inspiration for furnishing their home. Indeed, between made-to-measure solutions and modular furniture offered by the best kitchen brands in the world, everyone can get the best. Provided you make the right furniture choice!

Before sale kitchens in Switzerland, you need to ask yourself: why furnish with a designer kitchen?

The kitchen is an essential room in the home, since it is the space where the family gathers and spends most of their shared time together. For this reason, finding the perfect kitchen is a goal for many.

If you live in northern Italy, the Ticino and other parts of Switzerland, you need to turn to someone who knows the sector well in order to buy a designer kitchen. In addition to dealing with the sale kitchens in Switzerland, an experienced company also provides a consultancy service for the design of made-to-measure kitchens and can provide made-to-measure furniture, which will be made from top-quality materials and with a refined and original design.

Deciding to install a designer kitchen in your home means having the guarantee of using fine furniture designed to last. The lines of the furniture retain their charm for a long time and are not affected by the passage of time and fashions.

The best designer kitchens are made from carefully selected and assembled materials. For more classic designs, these are mainly solid wood and natural stone, while for contemporary designs, lacquered wood, technical stone and stainless steel are frequently used.

The versatility of designer kitchens is also evident in the design phase. In fact, the use of designer furniture allows for solutions that can be adapted to all kinds of needs. Depending on the characteristics of the space to be furnished, you can in fact consider purchasing one of the kitchens for sale in Switzerland with a modular, linear or corner layout.

What are all the advantages of choosing a high-quality kitchen?

When choosing a designer kitchen, one is often guided by the aesthetics of the furniture. But in addition to aesthetics, when evaluating the purchase of a high-quality kitchen, one must also take into account the many advantages in terms of functionality.

Choosing a company experienced in sale kitchens in Switzerland allows you to adapt the arrangement of elements, workspaces and different storage units to your individual needs. Even when it comes to choosing materials, you receive personalised advice that highlights the advantages and qualities of each alternative available.

Choosing a quality kitchen for your home is also a form of investment. High-quality furniture made by brands specialising in designer kitchens, whether classic or modern, can help increase the value of your home.

sale kitchens

Who to turn to when designing a custom-made kitchen in Switzerland?

Being able to customise your kitchen by making a made-to-measure design can make all the difference in achieving a kitchen that is perfect in terms of aesthetics, functionality and style. In short: sale kitchens in Switzerland also involves this type of consideration.

Those looking for companies specialising in the sale kitchens in the cantons of the Confederation can, for example, turn to Il Piccolo Sagl. With over 30 years’ experience in the sale of luxury furniture, the company can provide customised solutions and assist those in need of a tailor-made project.

The experts at Il Piccolo Sagl follow their customers with care and attention, starting from the design phase to the final installation of the kitchen. At any time, one can receive personalised advice, to assess the characteristics of alternative solutions and to ensure that the choice made is the one best suited to one’s needs.

A customised kitchen, like a tailor-made suit, fits like a glove in the home. You can resort to such a kitchen not only if you have special requirements in terms of heights and dimensions, but also if you want to define a customised layout that best reflects the needs of your family. The position of the burners, the layout of the appliances or the organisation of the work space, for example, can be modified.

If you are considering turning to a company that sells kitchens in Switzerland, take a look at the proposals of Il Piccolo Sagl. In the company’s catalogue, you will find kitchens from some of the most famous and renowned brands, such as La Cornue. You can also check the quality of the furniture in person and be inspired by their design by visiting the Lugano showroom.

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