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From rooms to open spaces, the room divider closet is a dynamic, practical and designer piece of furniture

room divider closet

A piece of furniture that stems from a fluid living concept

In recent years, it is undeniable how the conception of space in the home has radically changed, partly as a consequence of changing lifestyles. We have gone from flats where each room was separate, well divided by walls and in communication through doors, to fluid, open-plan environments with no fixed walls, where places for working and relaxing, cooking and entertaining coexist, capable of changing function as required. Furniture has obviously also changed to adapt to this multifunctional living type, and a room divider closet becomes a solution for dynamically dividing spaces.

The wardrobe for dividing up bedrooms

Such a solution has long been used particularly in bedrooms. The classic situation in which a room divider closet is extremely convenient is when you have to divide a large space into two bedrooms, perhaps for children, or for children and adults: with a wardrobe, you do not have fixed structures and you gain useful storage space for clothes. It is now a popular type of furniture not only for rooms.

room divider closet

A piece of furniture to divide any type of room!

It is in fact used to divide any type of space, whether you want to create two rooms or if the desire is to “break up” and divide a single room, for example to create two zones in the living room, perhaps the living room and the dining room. A room divider closet is practical for any context and style and allows space to store everything from clothes to cutlery and utensils. It can also be used between the entrance and the open space that joins the living room and kitchen, or even right between the kitchen and the eating area. It gives the possibility of dividing while at the same time leaving everything united.

room divider closet

The room divider closet is an extremely dynamic solution

As always when it comes to cupboards, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to materials, styles and colours. In fact, this is one of the furnishings with the most solutions, both on the market with the modular ones and in made-to-measure furniture, which creates furniture that is also suitable for particular contexts in terms of size (rooms with high or irregular ceilings such as attics, or even very small rooms). The best advice, in order to divide at best, is to think of a wardrobe that is high enough, though not necessarily up to the ceiling.

If you have the necessary space, the room divider closet can be openable from both sides, so that you can really store a lot of objects in it, combining the aesthetic aspect with the practical one. The openings can also be only on one side, at which point the part that does not open becomes in turn a design element and can therefore be decorated with wood panelling, for example, or become a wall unit, bookcase or TV cabinet.

room divider closet

Wood or metal?

When dealing with wardrobes, and partition wardrobes are no exception, the first material one thinks of is wood. It is good for any environment, from bedrooms to the living room and even the kitchen, thanks to its versatility, durability and the feeling of homely warmth it conveys. It can be unfinished, for rustic or classical settings, or lacquered and finished for more modern ones. More contemporary interior designs, on the other hand, happily use metal.

room divider closet

With or without doors, the infinite choices for your room divider closet

There are many details to choose from when designing a dividing wardrobe. Do you want hinged or sliding doors? To make it even more design-oriented, they can be made of glass, allowing you to see inside. A minimal interior design trend is doorless wardrobes.

And the colours? The choices are almost endless, from classic wood, grey, black and white to brighter, more original ones.

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