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RODA outdoor: excellence in outdoor design

Gazebo OMBRINA Roda

RODA outdoor furniture stands out from all other classic outdoor furniture. Tables, armchairs, sun loungers and chaise longues are designed for the outdoors, but with a philosophy of continuity of furniture that makes them perfect for indoor use as well.

The manufacturer is Italian and was founded in the nineties. Specifically, Roda is the spokesperson for Made in Italy design and a timeless style, capable of furnishing the most exclusive spaces as well as completing the simplest projects.

A sophisticated style with great personality

RODA’s outdoor furniture is the perfect partner for furnishing the outdoor areas of your home in a refined way. Whether it’s a large terrace, a garden with a swimming pool or a patio, the brand’s furniture and accessories will enhance the space by combining beauty and functionality.

But let’s give a few more details about Roda. The company was founded in 1990 in the province of Varese. The entrepreneur Roberto Pompa immediately stood out for his attention to design, his search for resistant, quality materials and the elegant, cosmopolitan style of his proposals.

Thanks to the collaboration with experienced and creative designers, RODA has created original collections that have revolutionised the way of experiencing outdoor furniture. In particular, the philosophy that has guided the company since the early years of its history aims to bring together interiors and exteriors. The boundary between the two spaces is increasingly blurred and the furnishing project is seen as a unicum: gardens and terraces deserve the same attention as interiors and Roda’s outdoor design choices must be consistent with the style chosen for the home.

The strengths of the RODA outdoor collections

RODA offers sofas, armchairs and modular furniture with refined lines for exclusive and stylish outdoor furniture. Thanks to the furniture of the different collections, the outdoor areas of the house become spaces to be lived at their best and easily customised.

Observing the proposals of the RODA outdoor collections, one notices simple and essential lines, enhanced by the choice of high quality and environmentally sustainable materials. Alongside the models with a more linear structure, there are also tables, chairs and sofas with more unusual and impactful shapes, which can be used to add an extra touch of style.

The contemporary and refined lines of the brand make it possible to transfer the different pieces of furniture from the outside of the house to the inside and vice versa. The materials used to make the sofas, chairs, sun loungers and coffee tables are durable and long-lasting.

RODA also pays special attention to the environmental sustainability of its creations. The furniture is made from certified, environmentally treated wood and recyclable metals. In the most recent collections, the Italian company has used new materials such as cork and rope obtained from the recycling of old fabrics. Reusing resources saves water and cuts carbon dioxide emissions, as well as offering uniquely designed and sophisticated furniture.

How to furnish spaces outside the home with RODA outdoor furniture

RODA furniture has clean lines that enhance the quality of the materials used. Wood is a great protagonist of the brand’s proposals. The most commonly used wood is teak, an exotic wood with exceptional resistance to humidity and temperature changes. The fabrics used to cover sofas, armchairs and sun loungers are also resistant to humidity and exposure to the sun. The careful choice of materials made by RODA for outdoor use results in extremely comfortable and reliable furniture for a long period of time.

Sofas, chaise longues and armchairs can enrich the poolside, creating a relaxing corner in which to enjoy a moment’s break in the company of friends, while tables and chairs are perfect for creating an outdoor living room to be used for an aperitif in the open air. With the addition of a gazebo, you can carve out a cosy space outside your home, protect yourself from the sun and, at the same time, have some privacy.

If you have a large garden and want to make the most of it, you could also decide to install a RODA outdoor kitchen. These outdoor kitchens are perfectly functional and modular, so that you can configure the best solution according to the space to be furnished.

Thanks to their elegant and essential design, RODA outdoor furniture is an ideal complement to all Nordic-inspired projects. However, they are also a perfect choice for those who love the classic style or for those who, in furnishing their homes, have focused on a prestigious design.

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