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With the reclining armchair , here is unique and customisable relaxation

Reclining armchair

The need for furniture that follows your body

In an age where people sit for long periods of time and live in an extremely sedentary way, ergonomics has become paramount when choosing furniture for one’s home. Particular emphasis is placed on having something versatile and customisable that can adapt to one’s needs, following the specific lines of one’s body.

These are fundamental criteria for the purchase of armchairs and sofas, and more and more often in these areas people are opting for an extendible sofa and a reclining armchair , which respond to these characteristics and are also design-friendly and suitable for different environments and styles.

The functions of the sofa extension and reclining armchair

As far as extendable sofas are concerned, they are designed to be able to become real beds in case of need and are therefore perfect for those who want to have overnight guests without having an extra room, but they also allow various positions of both the backrest and the footrest part. If they have several seats, they give everyone the possibility of finding the ideal reclining position.

An armchair that reclines has the same functions, you can sit in it, lower the backrest to a semi-reclining position or even lie down, you can put your feet higher or lower, moving and adapting to the position you desire from time to time.

The advantages of a reclining armchair , from the back to circulation

Reclining armchair

One might think that a reclining armchair  is an accessory for people with mobility difficulties, but this is no longer the case, quite the contrary!

What is now called a relaxation armchair is in fact ideal for anyone wishing to find a high level of comfort and brings advantages not only in terms of pure comfort but also in terms of well-being: keeping the legs and feet up, which is not possible in traditional armchairs unless a footrest is provided, promotes circulation, releasing weight from the spinal column has positive effects on the back, which is often very stressed during the day, breathing is facilitated and even those suffering from gastro-oesophageal reflux will experience benefits.

Materials and styles in the reclining armchair

Proof that it really is a must-have accessory for anyone’s relaxation can be found in the numerous models on the market, from all the best brands that produce sofas and the like. One can really indulge oneself with shapes and materials, from the more classic and enveloping ones to the more essential and linear ones typical of modern styles, always bearing in mind that the key word is comfort.

You can have a leather reclining armchair , a must for those who want something elegant and timeless (alternatively, faux leather is also excellent), or choose fabrics such as linen, which is natural, hygienic, hypoallergenic, ecological, breathable, absorbent, insulating antistatic and thermoregulating, cotton, which in turn is hypoallergenic, hygroscopic, permeable to air, easy to wash and dry, break-resistant and does not absorb odours, or velvet, which is soft and smooth and particularly suitable for creating sumptuous and elegant environments. Another ideal material for a luxurious setting is silk.

Reclining armchair

Manual or motorised, the reclining armchair  mechanisms

There are manual reclining armchair , which operate by means of a lever that raises the footrest and then, through pressure of the body, arrives at the reclining position, and others with body pressure, whereby it is the pressure of the person sitting that tilts and moves the various parts. There are also various reclining armchair  models with motorised recline, with one or two motors, which are adjusted and manoeuvred by remote control.

There are mechanisms that make it easier to get up, with the lift or person-lift system, especially suitable for those who have trouble standing. All of them allow you to vary between a long range of positions, for total comfort, customised and different every day.

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