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Pocket door kitchen: what is it? How to choose the right model for you?

Pocket door kitchen

A pocket door kitchen is an advantageous solution in many respects. In fact, as well as allowing you to hide what – for various reasons – you do not wish to show, it is easy to use and install, it is versatile and can be customised , so as to obtain a result exactly in line with your needs.

A kitchen of this type is ideal for those who want to create a room with a clean, modern look without sacrificing practicality and functionality.

What advantages does a pocket door kitchen offer?

Firstly, it must be considered that Pocket door kitchen  allow you to move around in an environment that is always tidy and pleasing to the eye. Once they are closed, the panels conceal the elements that you prefer to keep hidden, while maintaining the clean and refined aesthetics of the kitchen furniture.

The most obvious advantage of such a solution is therefore its ability to hide what you do not want to keep in the foreground. This may be the appliances or the utensils that, for one reason or another, do not find space inside the wall cabinets and drawers. If you do not want to leave these items visible, you can easily place them behind sliding panels. In English, this solution is called “pocket door kitchen”, to emphasise the fact that the doors, once opened, disappear inside special pockets, which have been cut out between the wall units.

The installation and use of a pocket door kitchen is surprisingly simple. The panels are lightweight, open and close with ease and allow effortless access to hidden elements. This system perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality, adding a touch of modernity and sophistication to the home environment.

The possibility of customising the concealed doors is another important advantage of this type of kitchen. In fact, during the design phase, you can decide how to structure the kitchen, deciding on the number and arrangement of the doors that best suit your needs, both practical and in terms of design.

Pocket door kitchen

What considerations should be made when designing a kitchen with a pocket door?

Designing a pocket door kitchen is an opportunity to create a functional and aesthetically appealing space. To begin with, it is important to consider the overall style of the surroundings and decide whether you want a structure that blends harmoniously with the rest of the house or creates a visual contrast with the surrounding elements.

One of the first decisions to be made concerns the appearance of the retractable doors, which can actually be more than one. One of the most common options is to create a structure in continuity with the other elements of the kitchen, for example by using the same materials and colours as the wall cabinets and other furniture, in order to achieve a uniform and consistent effect. On the other hand, those who wish to turn the concealed doors into the focal point of the kitchen can choose different materials or colours, thus creating an original and striking result.

When designing the kitchen , it is essential to consider where to place the doors and thus which elements to conceal. This can be just the appliances, so as to keep the work surface clean and tidy at all times, or the dishes and utensils, giving the kitchen a more minimalist look.

It is also possible to decide to conceal the entire kitchen area so that, when not in use, it appears as one smooth surface. Such a solution is especially suitable in an open space and when you want to keep the lines of the furniture as clean as possible.

Pocket door kitchen

When is it a good idea to use a kitchen with a pocket door?

The use of a pocket door kitchen is particularly appropriate in open-plan environments and in all cases where the kitchen is visible from other parts of the house and you want to keep it closed when you are not using it.

In an open-plan environment, in which the kitchen is an integral part of the living and dining area, retractable doors give the opportunity to visually separate the kitchen from other spaces at times of the day when food is not being prepared. Such a solution allows for flexible use of space and also guarantees a tidy and clean-looking environment.

One last piece of advice. Before opting for this type of kitchen, it is important to check that there is enough space to fit the tracks where the retractable doors will be placed once opened. This check is particularly important in rooms with limited space, where it is necessary to carefully plan the organisation of the elements to maximise the efficiency and usability of the kitchen itself.

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